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Maturity models of ITIL : Evidence from a “leading user”

This paper reports the results of a two year study of “lead users” of ITIL. The study formed part of a multi study investigation into the role played by ITIL in improving outsourcing outcomes. These “lead users” provided evidence of how, used effectively, ITIL can improve the outsourcing relationship. Informants suggested that the extent to which the client and vendor understand each others' expectations is crucial to using ITIL effectively, as are knowledge sharing and other aspects of good communication. This is also consistent with a further study of 83 ITIL users’ experience. However, informants observed that it can take time before ITIL processes are fully understood and incorporated into practice. The paper concludes that where ITIL practices and principles are internalized into the day-to-day processes and behaviours of the firm (and its IT culture) the greatest benefits will be obtained.


Mohammed Alojail    
King Faisal University
Saudi Arabia

Brian Corbitt    
RMIT University


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