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Um Processo de Apoio à Continuidade de Projeto Baseado na Avaliação de Componentes

This article discusses an approach to the continuity of a software development project. In software development, many are the projects to be completed end up frustrating the initial expectations of its development and, in many cases, due to the unsatisfactory performance presented. Performance testing can assist in making decisions in advance about the continuity of the project, in order not to develop a software useless. This paper aims to make a proposal for a process to support the development of software project, which seeks to use performance testing without the need for a prototype or active module software, used a set of reusable IT components in order to provide a technical basis for a decision on the continuation of the project. To evaluate the proposed process was carried out a case study in a software developer company.


Marco Silva    

Adriano Albuquerque    


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