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Enterprise instant messaging impacts in human factor: application in a consulting services company in information technology

After a massive adoption by home users, instant messaging (IM) is growing in the workplace.
In this case study, performed in a portuguese multinational consulting firm in information technology, we analyzed the perception of the use and impacts on the human factor of adopting an enterprise IM software. The analysis of data collected through a survey distributed to 117 employees in which 69 are IM users, allows to achieve three specific research objectives.
Regarding the first objective of analyzing the profile of the user 's IM, it was found that with the exception of consultants, there's a massive adoption of IM ( > 93 %) and a tendency to be used by employees who are not displaced.
The goal of analyzing the usage profile showed frequent use ( 59 % ), on a professional basis. In the most used features distinguished the instant messaging and file sharing. The top reasons for use were for "quick question / answer" and " check availability" of a contact and more than 61 % refers that have maintained the use of other media .
We observed a positive impact on communication and sense of closeness with peers; satisfaction and quality of work and professional relationship. These impacts are consistent with the policy of human resource management of the company but the IM adoption rate should be improved.


Raul Laureano    
Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL) & BRU-IUL

Hugo Santos    

João Gomes    


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