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WorldCist'20 - 8th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Context-aware mobile applications in Fog infrastructure: a literature review

Today's cloud computing techniques are becoming unsustainable for real time applications as very low latency is required with billions of connected devices. New paradigms are arising and one of which offers an integrated solution for extending cloud resources to the edge of the network and address-ing current cloud issues is Fog Computing. Performing Fog Computing brings a set of challenges such as: provisioning edge nodes to perform task volumes downloaded from the Cloud; placing task volumes on edge nodes; resource management on edge nodes; need for a new programming model; programming, resource management, data consistency service discovery challenges; privacy and security and improving the quality of service (QoS) and user experience (QoE). This paper aims to introduce the Fog Computing concept and present a literature review on its application to context-sensitive applications and context-sensitive mobile service platforms. The result of the study is presented as the current research challenges for context aware mobile applications in Fog Computing infrastructure.

Celestino Barros
Universidade de Cabo Verde
Cape Verde

Vítor Rocio
Universidade Aberta and INESC TEC

André Sousa


Hugo Paredes


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