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WorldCist'20 - 8th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Improving Project Management Practices in a Software Development Team

Software development projects continue to deliver results that fall short on organization’s expectations. The present research was carried out at In- foPortugal, a technological company specialized in Geographic Information Sys- tems and Tourism and Leisure Solutions, where project management practices were undefined. Therefore, the focus of this paper is to describe the proposals and their implementation to enable the improvement of project management practices in the software development team. Guidelines are provided by a matrix with key areas to be improved in the practical case and related proposed improve- ment suggestions. The definition and application of a hybrid project management methodology was an important improvement initiative to address some of the key problems identified in the organization. Traditional plan-oriented methodologies do not have the flexibility to dynamically adjust to the software development process. While, agile methodologies combine iterative and incremental ap- proaches to adapt to high levels of change, with early and continuous delivery being the highest priority.

Sara Pires
InfoPortugal S.A.

Anabela Tereso
University of Minho

Gabriela Fernandes
University of Coimbra


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