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WorldCist'20 - 8th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Social Care Services for Older Adults: Paper Registration versus a Web-based Platform Registration

Technological solutions have been playing an important role in health care provi-sion and their implementation in social care area, though a bit slower, promises good outcomes in terms of the quality of care delivery. The study reported in this paper analysed the shifting process from a typical paper registration to a registra-tion performed by a web-based platform (i.e., the Ankira® platform) in a Portu-guese social care institution. In order to gather evidence and best practices, 13630 registries were analysed, 6390 in paper format and 7240 from the Ankira® plat-form. The results show that the shifting from paper to Ankira® lead to a signifi-cant error rate decline in all type of registers, which demonstrates the significant impact of the introduction of information technologies to support social care pro-vision.

Nelson Rocha
University of Aveiro


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