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WorldCist'20 - 8th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Design of a network learning system for the usage of surgical instruments

To improve nursing clinical staff training, this study combines the methods of e-learning with situated simulation and follows the six steps of the design science research process to construct a surgical instruments network learning system. Based on lean management concepts to restructure the number of surgical instruments and establish basic equipment package, it eliminates the excess wastes of production, transportation, action and excessive treatment. Then, the surgical instrument images are linked to the relational database to establish the network learning system. To evaluate the effectiveness of the system, the learning outcomes and the satisfaction investigation of subjective learning were measured. The results show that it can improve the learning effectiveness of operating room new nursing staff, and enhance professional knowledge.

Ting-Kai Hwang
Department of Journalism, Ming Chuan University

Bih-Huang Jin
Department of Business Administration, Tunghai University

Yung-Ming Li
Institute of information Management, National Chiao Tung University

Su-Chiu Wang


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