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WorldCist'20 - 8th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Single Producer – Multiple Consumers Ring Buffer Data Distribution System with Memory Management

The paper presents the parallel data processing system for data acquisition systems. A solution utilizes on ring buffer data storage place and dedicated memory management class, to be able to provide efficiently a requested memory area and release it. An operation is based on independently working single producer, a number of consumers and release tasks. They are intended to allocate memory buffer and acquire the data, process them and finally release the buffer. To organize such a sequence of the operations a new synchronization object is proposed. All the components allows the system operation with zero copy and lock-free data operation except the tasks synchronization to save CPU processing power while waiting for previous operation completion. The system was tested and some performance results are presented. The solution is currently intended to work in multithreading applications, however the design on robust interprocess operation is ongoing. The presented work includes solutions suitable for the future extension.

Mariusz Orlikowski
Lodz University of Technology


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