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WorldCIST'19 - 7th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Exploring the potential of IT-enabled healthcare in rural regions in Cameroon: A Case Study

In industrialized countries, the rate at which technological tools is use in the present century is exponential. This is felt in all sectors of society and in this case the field of health. In Africa in hole and Cameroon in particular, the speed is slow to emerge because of the huge digital gap between urban and rural areas. In this paper, it is a question of exploring the technological potential to see informatics of rural medical institutions; the case of three health centers and rural hospitals in the Southern part of the country. The main objective of this qualitative study is to make an inventory and propose solutions to overcome the problems detected. The results obtained really show technological shortcomings in the hospital management of these establishments and in the administration of health care to the patients. This led to some proposals at the institutional, technological and research level. All this is going in the direction to improve the health sector in Cameroon.

Doriane Micaela ANDEME BIKORO
GRIAGES, Catholic University of Central Africa

Toulouse Business School


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