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WorldCIST'19 - 7th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Big Data Analytics and Strategic Marketing Capabilities: impact on firm performance

Big data analytics are currently considered as an important changer in the digital economy. However, the emerging literature on the topic has not yet looked at the ways to capture business value from big data analytics capabilities (BDAC). Based on resource based view [1]and dynamic capabilities theory [2]we propose a research model that assesses the impact of BDAC on firm performance (FP) in a turbulent environment (market and technological uncertainties) [3]. The study argues that this impact is mediated by the firm’s adaptive marketing capabilities (AMC). To test the proposed model, we intend to adopt a mixed methods re-search approach (quantitative and qualitative). The key significance of this re-search study is that it seeks to explore the mechanism through which BDAC could lead to firm competitive advantage and thus enriching the literature on in-formation technology business value

Omar Anfer
Tououse business school

Samuel Fosso Wamba
Toulouse business school


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