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WorldCIST'19 - 7th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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The gamification in the design of computational applications to support the Autism treatments: partial results

This paper presents the partial results found when consulting literature for the purpose of elaborating the state of the art related to the use of computational ap-plications in the treatment of autistic spectrum disorder -ASD. The consultation focuses on the achievement of the most used models for the design of inclusive computational applications and the steps to elaborate them, so that their use can be replicated within possible experimentations with future case studies to be select-ed. In addition to the above, there is the purpose of knowing the impact of using gamification techniques, as part of the computational applications that are used in the treatment of ASD and its level of contribution to the development of emotion-al skills in this type of person. With this paper, we also propose to propose a framework for the design of inclusive computational applications related to the achievement of emotional intelligence skills in children with ASD, therefore the most relevant elements that the architecture could contain are presented of inclu-sive software focused on people with this type of disability.

Gustavo Constain
University of Cauca

Cesar Collazos
University of Cauca

Fernando Moreira
IJP, REMIT - University Portucalense & IEETA, University of Aveiro


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