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WorldCIST'19 - 7th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Improvement of industrialization projects management: An automotive industry case study

Nowadays and in response to the technological evolution of the markets, or-ganizations need to improve their product development process. This process can be seen as a global project where the industrialization project is a subpro-ject of the product development project. The use of a project management methodology helps to ensure projects completion according to the schedule plan and to keep the cost inside the budget and the quality with acceptable standards. The main objective of this research was the improvement of the project management practices in industrialization projects in a company of the automotive sector. An integrated project management process was devel-oped and key project management tools and techniques were proposed, con-sidering the project organizational context. The stakeholders who participated in this research study perceived that improvements proposed will be an add-ed value to the company, however, due to the time constraints, it was not possible to test and quantify the real benefits of the proposed improvements on the management of industrialization projects.

Diana Fernandes


Anabela Tereso


Gabriela Fernandes



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