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WorldCIST'19 - 7th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Usability study of a Kinect-based rehabilitation tool for the upper limbs

The execution of exercises during the rehab process is very important to obtain the best result possible in an injury, but the patient often does not known the way to do correctly these exercises and it is impossible to have the physio-therapist controlling the execution. With the aim of solving this problem, we have developed KineActiv®, with the use of the Microsoft Kinect v2, as a tool to help the rehab process in a gamification environment, and studied the behavior of the users with the interface and the games. Each exercise is gamified, with different games for different movements. In this paper we expose the description of the project and the results of the usability study with people with different injuries, doing the same exercises. These results show that the user experience in a rehab process, using new tendencies, with the Kinect camera, friendly design and funny games is positive for the patients.

Gabriel Fuertes Muñoz
CEO - Edison Desarrollos

Jesus Gallardo Casero
Universidad de Zaragoza

Ramón Alberto Mollineda Cárdenas
Universidad Jaume I


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