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WorldCIST'19 - 7th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Web Application for Management of Scientific Conferences

A scientific conference is an event with a great importance within scientific community, fundamentally due the results obtained from it. Researchers of various research centers, laboratories, and universities have been meeting periodically according to their specific areas, in order to present their studies and thus contribute for the development of science. The preparation of a conference is not a simple activity; there are several processes taking into account to promote the success of a conference. Thus it is very important develop and implement software applications capable of doing the management of scientific conferences from planning to the end of the conference. Although there are several conference management systems, it is always necessary to have applications capable of increasingly facilitating and improving the activities carried out by all those involved in a scientific conference. In this paper we propose an web application to support the management of scientific conferences. Innovative features that are not evident in existing systems are implemented in this web application.

Joao Bioco
University of Beira Interior

Alvaro Rocha
University of Coimbra


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