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WorldCIST'19 - 7th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Improving Control Effectiveness in IS Development Projects Through Participatory Implementation

Efficient Information Systems (IS) adequately serving business needs can be seen as an important prerequisite for the survival of most organizations. Newly developing or adopting those systems is a challenging task. To in-crease probability of success in often complex development projects, man-agers usually implement controls. However, most controls require support and active commitment of the controlees in order to be effective. To better understand the concept of control legitimacy and resulting control responses, researchers have recently shifted their focus on the controlee perspective. However, the process of choosing and enacting control is still considered top-down. In this poster paper, we propose to move away from this assump-tion. Instead, project managers should make the process more participatory by involving the controlees already at the beginning of IS development pro-jects. This would help to choose and implement a set of controls which is perceived as legitimate and thus supported by the controlees.

Roman Walser
Vienna University of Economics and Business


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