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WorldCIST'19 - 7th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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A New Model for Evaluation of Human Resources: case study of Catering Industry

This paper presents a competency model that would improve a personnel assess-ment process in the catering business. The research showed that existing apprais-al methods, such as KPI and 360-degree feedback method, are difficult to apply when evaluating the performance of non-managerial employees (waiters). More-over, test method comes with several shortcomings. The proposed competency model allows for combining various assessment results and forming an employee competency profile. This profile stores information about the professional level and skills of that employee. A computer system for testing the model was devel-oped. The test results obtained were used as data sources for the employee pro-file. Experiments were conducted using this computer system and details provid-ed by a pizza chain. Results from these experiments confirmed that the model is adequate. Experiments identified events that need to be taken into account when using the model. Such events include purity and reliability of the source data, as well as any force majeure affecting performance appraisal results

João Paulo Pereira
Polytechnic Institute of Bragança

Natalya Efanova
Kuban State Agrarian University

Ivan Slesarenko
Kuban State Agrarian University


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