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WorldCIST'19 - 7th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

Full Program

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Tuesday, 16 April 2019
Session Chair: Manuel Pérez Cota, Local Chair, University of Vigo

Álvaro Rocha, General Chair, University of Coimbra

Luis Paulo Reis, Workshops Chair, University of Porto

Ana Maria Correia, Advisory Committee Chair

Jon Hall, The Open University, UK. Editor-in-Chief of Expert Systems, John Wiley. Keynote Address: "Business Analytics for Organisation Problem Solving"

Session Chair: Alexandre SantosA Chaotic Cryptographic Solution For Low-Range Wireless Communications In Industry 4.0Pilar Mareca; Borja BordelThe User’s Attitude and Security of Personal Information Depending On The Category of IotBasma Taieb; Jean-éric PeletUsage of Https By Municipal Websites In PortugalHélder Gomes; André Zúquete; Gonçalo Paiva Dias; Fábio MarquesDevelopment of Self-Aware and Self-Redesign Framework For Wireless Sensor NetworksSami Habib; Paulvannanayaki Marimuthu; Pravin Renold; Balaji Ganesh AthiAn Ontology-Based Recommendation System For Context-Aware Network MonitoringRicardo F. da Silva; Solange Rito Lima; Paulo Carvalho; Luis Alvarez Sabucedo; Juan Manuel Santos GagoAnalysis of Performance Degradation of Tcp Reno Over Wlan Caused By Access Point ScanningToshihiko Kato; Sota Tasaki; Ryo Yamamoto; Satoshi OhzahataStratifying Measuring Requirements and Tools For Cloud Services MonitoringPaulo Carvalho; Solange Rito Lima; Kalil Araujo BispoConsensus Problem With The Existence of An Adversary NanomachineAthraa JaniLego Methodology Approach For Common Criteria Certification of Iot TelemetryGeorge Suciu; Cristiana Istrate; Ioana Petre; Andrei Scheianu Session Chair: Jorge BarbosaPrinciples For Design of Simulated Cases In Teaching Enterprise ModellingMartin Henkel; Ilia BiderEffectiveness and Fun Metrics In A Pervasive Game Experience: A Systematic Literature ReviewJhonny Taborda; Jeferson Arango-López; Cesar Collazos ; Francisco Gutiérrez; Fernando MoreiraThe Gamification In The Design of Computational Applications To Support The Autism Treatments: Partial ResultsGustavo Constain ; Cesar Collazos; Fernando MoreiraUsing The Spar Ontology Network To Represent The Scientific Production of A University: A Case StudyMariela Tapia-Leon; Janneth Chicaiza Espinosa; Idafen Santana-Perez; Paola Espinoza Arias; Oscar CorchoFactors Affecting Adoption and Use of E-Learning By Business Employees In CameroonFlorence Abanda Maga; Jean Robert Kala Kamdjoug; Samuel Fosso Wamba; Paul Cedric Nitcheu TcheuffaResult of The Methodology For Learning English Dis-Tance With The Use of Tics. Case Study: Central University of EcuadorNelson SalgadoUsing Gamification In Software Engineering Teaching: Study Case For Software DesignGloria Piedad Gasca Hurtado; María Clara Gómez álvarez; Bell Manrique LosadaGeolympus: Cloud Platform For The Development of Geolocalized Pervasive Game ExperiencesJuan Luis Berenguel Forte; Daniel Gázquez ; Jeferson López; Francisco Luis Gutiérrez Vela; Fernando Moreira Session Chair: Hasan Ali KhattakImproving Control Effectiveness In Is Development Projects Through Participatory ImplementationRoman WalserAutomated and Decentralized Framework For Internet of Things Systems Using Blockchain and Smart ContractsSorin Zoican; Roxana Zoican; Dan GalatchiBig Data Analytics and Strategic Marketing Capabilities: Impact On Firm PerformanceOmar Anfer; Samuel Fosso WambaEmployee Performance Evaluation Within The Economic Management System of The Spanish Air Force: Development of A Methodology and An Optimized ModelManuel Antonio Fernández-Villacañas Marín; Manuel Antonio Fernández-Villacañas Marín; Manuel Antonio Fernández-Villacañas MarínA Governing Framework For Data-Driven Small Organizations In ColombiaDiana Heredia; Wilson NietoSingle-Step Phaseless Contrast-Source Inversion Method For Microwave ImagingSandra Costanzo; Giuseppe LopezDrone Based Dsm Reconstruction For Flood Simulations In Small Areas: A Pilot StudyPablo Rinaldi; Juan Pablo d'Amato; Ignacio LarrabideWearable Approach For Contactless Blood-Glucose Monitoring By Textile Antenna SensorSandra Costanzo; Vincenzo Cioffi3d Simulator Based On Simtwo To Evaluatealgorithms In Micromouse CompetitionLucas Tiago Eckert; Luis Fernando Piardi; José Luis Lima; Paulo Costa; Antonio Valente; Alberto Yoshihiro NakanoControl of A Vehicular Automata Through Brain Waves. A Case StudyChristian Ubilluz; Ramiro Delgado; Priscila Rodríguez; Roberto LopezAutomatic Document Annotation With Data Mining AlgorithmsAlda Canito; Goreti Marreiros; Juan Manuel Corchado
Session Chair: Phoey Lee TehBig Data Analysis In Supply Chain Management In Portuguese Smes "Leader Excellence"Fábio Azevedo; José Luís ReisStudy of The Mobile Money Diffusion Mechanism In The Mtn-Cameroon Mobile NetworkJean Robert Kala Kamdjoug; Rhode Ghislaine Nguewo Ngassam; Sylvain Defo; Samuel Fosso WambaNhids Dataset RequirementsPetteri Nevavuori; Tero KokkonenAssessing The Horizontal Positional Accuracy In Openstreetmap: A Big Data ApproachRoger Castro; Alfonso Tierra; Marco LunaDigital Strategy For Smes In The Retail Business To Allow Sales IncreaseAlesandro Huayllas Iriarte; Betsy Reinaltt Higal; Alfredo Barrientos Padilla; Rosario Villalta RiegaGeospatial Modeling Using Lidar TechnologyLeyre Torretojal; Jose Manuel Lopez Guede; Manuel Graña RomayNd-Gist: A Novel Method For Disk-Resident K-Mer IndexingJános Szalai-Gindl; Attila Kiss; Gábor Halász; László Dobos; István Csabai Session Chair: Elena MikhailovaBlood4life: A Mobile Solution To Recruit and Retain Blood Donors Through Gamification and Trans-Theoretical ModelLamyae Sardi; Manal Kharbouch; Taoufik Rachad; Ali Idri; Jose Luis Fernandez-AlemanBreast Cancer Classification With Missing Data ImputationImane Chlioui; Ibtissam Abnane; Ali Idri; Jose Luis Fernandez-AlemanCosmic Functional Size Measurement of Mobile Personal Health Records For Pregnancy MonitoringMariam Bachiri; Ali Idri; Jose Luis Fernandez-Aleman; Alain AbranEnvironmental Quality Monitoring System Based On Internet of Things For Laboratory Conditions SupervisionGonçalo Marques; Rui PitarmaNoise Monitoring For Enhanced Living Environments Based On Internet of ThingsGonçalo Marques; Rui PitarmaExploring The Potential of It-Enabled Healthcare In Rural Regions In Cameroon: A Case StudyDoriane Micaela Andeme Bikoro; Samuel Fosso WambaIndirect Measurement of Blood Pressure and Arm’s Body Composition In Women: Identification of Rules and Pat-Terns Using Statistics and Data MiningPaôla de Oliveira Souza; José Maria Parente de Oliveira; Leticia Helena Januário Session Chair: Paul ManuelUsing The Technology Acceptance Model (tam) In Sap FioriDaniela Beselga ; Bráulio AlturasEvaluation of Local E-Government Maturity In The Lima Metropolitan AreaGonçalo Paiva Dias; Manuel Tupia; José Manuel Magallanes ReyesAn Approach To Gdpr Based On Object Role ModelingAntonio Goncalves; Anacleto CorreiaA New Model For Evaluation of Human Resources: Case Study of Catering IndustryJoão Paulo Pereira; Natalya Efanova; Ivan SlesarenkoContextualising The National Cyber Security Capacity In An Unstable Environment: A Spring Land Case StudyMohamed Altaher Ben Naseir; Christopher Richardson; Huseyin Dogan; Edward Apeh; Raian AliCritical Success Factors For Corporate Data Quality ManagementAna LucasA Systematic Literature Review About Data Quality In Gis and VgiGabriel Medeiros; Maristela Holanda
Session Chair: Maroi AgrebiDigital Addiction: Negative Life Experiences and Potential For Technology-Assisted SolutionsSainabou Cham; Manal Aldhayan ; Keith Phalp; Raian AliMacro and Micro Level Classification of Social Media Private DataPaul ManuelImplementation of Web Browser Extension For Mitigating Csrf AttackKaddour Moustafa; Saoudi LaliaWhat Does The Gdpr Mean For Iotoys Data Security and Privacy?Esperança Amengual ; Antoni Bibiloni; Miquel Mascaró; Pere Palmer-RodríguezFactors Influencing Adoption of Information Security In Information Systems ProjectsLandry Tafokeng Talla; Jean Robert Kala KamdjougAnalysis of Authentication Failures In The EnterpriseSantiago Criollo; Richard Posso Session Chair: José LimaSustainable Physical Structure Design of Ar Solution For Golf ApplicationsEgils GintersThe Effect of Multisensory Stimuli In Path Selection In Virtual Reality EnvironmentsGuilherme Gonçalves; Miguel Melo; José Martins; Maximino BessaThe Impact of Gender, Avatar and Height In Distance Perception In Virtual EnvironmentsHugo Coelho; Miguel Melo; Frederico Branco; Maximino BessaUsability Evaluation of A Virtual Assistive CompanionAna Luísa Jegundo; Carina Dantas; João Quintas; João Dutra; Ana Leonor Almeida; Hilma Caravau; Ana Filipa Rosa; Ana Isabel Martins; Alexandra Queirós; Nelson Pacheco RosaInternet Access In Brazilian Households: Evaluating The Effect of An Economic RecessionFlorângela Cunha Coelho; Thiago Christiano Silva; Philipp EhrlThe Impact of The Digital Economy On The Skill Set of High PotentialsMariana Pinho Leite; Tamara Mihajlovski; Lars Heppner; Frederico Branco; Manuel Au-Yong-OliveiraA Usability Analysis of A Serious Game For Teaching Stock Market Concepts In Secondary SchoolsBelen Amar; Eliana Mira; Leonardo Dominguez; Juan Pablo d'Amato Session Chair: Sami HabibMulti-Agent Neural Reinforcement-Learning System With CommunicationDavid Simões; Nuno Lau; Luís Paulo ReisConstruction and Integration of A Quadcopter In A Simulation Platform For Multi Vehicle MissionsLeonardo FerreiraAutomatic Generation of A Sub-Optimal Agent Population With LearningSimão Reis; Luis Paulo Reis; Nuno LauTechnological Architecture Based On Internet of Things To Monitor The Journeys of Artisanal FishingJimmy Armas; Jaime Ambrosio; Leysa Preguntegui Dsl Based Automatic Generation of Q&a SystemsRenato Preigschadt de Azevedo; Maria João Varanda Pereira; Pedro Rangel HenriquesGesture Based Alternative To Control Recreational UavRoberto Ribeiro; David Safadinho; João Ramos; António PereiraSoftware Modules and Communication To Support Real-Time Remote Control and Monitoring of Unmanned VehiclesJoão Ramos; David Safadinho; Roberto Ribeiro; António PereiraCommunication Modes To Control An Unmanned Vehicle Using Esp8266David Safadinho; João Ramos; Roberto Ribeiro; António Pereira
Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Process innovation supported by technology – Making for longer injury-free careers in the case of high performance musicians.    Eliseu Silva, Manuel Au-Yong-Oliveira, Pedro Fonseca, Rui Garganta and Christopher Bochmann.-----------------------------
New lighting representation methodologies for enhanced learning in Architecture degree. Isidro Navarro, Albert Sánchez, Ernest Redondo, Lluis Giménez and David Fonseca.-----------------------------
The Future Employee: The Rise of AI in Portuguese Altice Labs. Bernardo Lopes, Pedro Martins, José Domingues, José Martins and Manuel Au-Yong-Oliveira.-----------------------------
The role of AI and Automation on the future of jobs and the opportunity to change society. Manuel Au-Yong-Oliveira, Diogo Canastro, Joana Oliveira, João Tomás, Sofia Amorim and Fernando Moreira.-----------------------------
Smart Cities and Smart Tourism: What Future do They Bring? Ana Matos, Bruna Pinto, Fábio Barros, Sérgio Martins, Fernando Moreira and Manuel Au-Yong-Oliveira.-----------------------------
Personal Data Broker instead of Blockchain for students’ data privacy assurance. Marc Alier Forment, Daniel Amo Filvà, Francisco José García Peñalvo, David Fonseca Escudero and María José Casany. -----------------------------
The Strategy of Josefinas: Building a Well-Known Brand Through Social Media    Ana Inês, Patrícia Pires, André Carvalho, Luís Santos, Frederico Branco and Manuel Au-Yong-Oliveira. -----------------------------
Validating game mechanics and gamification parameters with Card Sorting methods. Eva Villegas, Emiliano Labrador, David Fonseca and Sara Fernández-Guinea. 

Session Chair: Goreti MarreirosMy Employer’s Prestige, My PrestigeTom Sander; Phoey Lee TehThe Importance of Project Management Competences: A Case Study In Public AdministrationEliane Gonzales Meirelles; Anabela Tereso; Cláudio SantosImprovement of Industrialization Projects Management: An Automotive Industry Case StudyDiana Fernandes; Anabela Tereso; Gabriela FernandesThe Future of The Digital Workforce: Current and Future Challenges For Executive and Administrative AssistantsAnabela Mesquita; Luciana Oliveira; Arminda Sá SequeiraProject Management Practices At Portuguese StartupsAnabela Tereso; Celina Leão; Tobias RibeiroThe Application of Clustering Techniques To Group Archaeological ArtifactsNatalia Mikhailova; Elena Mikhailova; Natalia GrafeevaSegmentation of Magnetic Anomalies In The Conduct of Archaeological ExcavationsSofya Ilinykh; Natalia Grafeeva; Elena Mikhailova; Olga Egorova Session Chair: Bráulio AlturasAddressing Fine-Grained Variability In User-Centered Software Product Lines: A Case Study On DashboardsAndrea Vázquez-Ingelmo; Francisco J. García-Peñalvo; Roberto TherónOn The Practicality of Subspace Tracking In Information SystemsNoor Ahmed; Gregory HesselerA Model-Driven Approach For The Integration of Hardware Nodes In The IotDarwin Alulema; Javier Criado; Luis IribarnePrivacy Preserving Knn Spatial Query With Voronoi NeighborsEva Habeeb; Ibrahim Kamel ; Zaher Al AghbariMultiphase Cfd Simulation of Photogrammetry 3d Model For Uav Crop SprayingHector Parra; Victor Angulo; Elvis GaonaA Bpmn Extension For Business Process Outsourcing To The CloudKarim Zarour; Djamel Benmerzoug; Nawal Guermouche; Khalil DriraA Computational Modeling Based On Trigonometric Cubic B-Spline Functions For The Approximate Solution of A Second Order Partial Integro-Differential A Computational Modeling Based On Trigonometric Cubic B-Spline Functions For The Approximate Solution of AArshed Ali; Kamil Khan; Fazal Haq; Syed Inayat Ali Shah
Session Chair: Borja BordelOpen Government Data In Kingdom of Bahrain: Towards An Effective Implementation Framework.Jaflah Hassan Al-Ammary; Abdulkareem Mohammed MamounkatbiNew Siem System For The Internet of ThingsNatalia Miloslavskaya; Alexander TolstoyStandardization Issues For The Internet of ThingsNatalia Miloslavskaya; Andrey Nikiforov; Kirill Plaksiy ; Alexander TolstoyImproving Ambient Assisted Living Through Artificial IntelligenceAlessandro Miguez; Christophe Soares; José Torres; Pedro Sobral; Rui MoreiraCloud In Mobile Platforms: Managing Authentication/authorizationAlessandro Longheu; Vincenza Carchiolo; Michele Malgeri; Stefano Iannello; Mario Marroccia; Angelo RandazzoA Fipa-Compliant Framework For Integrating Rule Engines Into Software Agents For Supporting Communication and Collaboration In A Multiagent PlatformFrancisco J. Aguayo-Canela; Héctor Alaiz-Moretón; Isaías García-Rodríguez; Carmen Benavides-Cuéllar; José Alberto Benítez-Andrades; Paulo NovaisFlow Monitoring System For Iot NetworksLeonel Santos; Carlos Rabadão; Ramiro Gonçalves Session Chair: David Fonseca Escudero

What is the effect of new technologies on people with ages between 45 and 75? Ana Fontoura, Fábio Fonseca, Maria Del Mar Piñuel, Maria João Canelas, Ramiro Gonçalves and Manuel Au-Yong-Oliveira. -----------------------------
Economic relations modification during the digital transformation of business. Sergei Smirnov, Eugen Cheberko, Igor Arenkov and Iana Salikhova.-----------------------------
A model to define an eHealth technological ecosystem for caregivers    Alicia García-Holgado, Samuel Marcos-Pablos and Francisco José García Peñalvo.-----------------------------
Internet and local television in the context of digital transformation    Kruzkaya Ordóñez, Ana Isabel Rodríguez Vázquez and Abel Suing. -----------------------------
Microtransactions in the Company and the Player’s perspective: A manual and automatic analysis. Pedro Gusmão, Tiago Almeida, Francisco Lopes, Yuriy Muryn, José Martins and Manuel Au-Yong-Oliveira.-----------------------------
Mobile Applications and Their use in Language Learning.    Cátia Silva, David Melo, Filipe Barros, Joana Conceição, Ramiro Gonçalves and Manuel Au-Yong-Oliveira.-----------------------------
Digital Bubbles - Living in Accordance with Personalised Seclusions and Their Effect on Critical Thinking. Beatriz Ribeiro, Cristiana Gonçalves, Francisco Oliveira, Gonçalo Pereira, Joana Santos, Fernando Moreira and Manuel Au-Yong-Oliveira.-----------------------------
Could Children be Influenced by Technology? Catarina Martins de Lemos, Cláudia Maria Pereira Oliveira, Sofia Andrade Correia Neves, Vanda Maria Mendes Moreira Teixeira, Frederico Branco and Manuel Au-Yong-Oliveira.

Session Chair: Idri Ali Online Peer Support Groups To Combat Digital Addiction: User Acceptance and Rejection FactorsManal Aldhayan; Sainabou Cham; Theodoros Kostoulas; Raian AliAutomated Computer-Aided Design of Cranial Implants Using A Deep Volumetric Convolutional Denoising AutoencoderAna Morais; Jan Egger; Victor AlvesProblems and Barriers In The Transition To Icd-10-Cm/pcs: A Qualitative Study of Medical Coders' PerceptionsVera Alonso; João Vasco Santos; Marta Pinto; Joana Ferreira; Isabel Lema; Fernando Lopes; Alberto FreitasLogging Integrity With Blockchain StructuresNelson RochaAccess Control For Fhir Social Care PlatformsNelson RochaA Framework To Develop Gamified Health ApplicationsJoão Paulo Borges; Ana Paula Ambrósio; Eduardo AlbuquerqueImpact of Parameter Tuning On Machine Learning Based Breast Cancer ClassificationAli Idri; Mohamed Hosni; Ibtissam Abnane; Jose Luis Aleman; Juan Manuel Carillo Degea
Session Chair: José Machado

Steps Towards Online Monitoring Systems and Interoperability. Diana Ferreira, Cristiana Neto, José Machado and António Abelha.


Improving Healthcare Delivery with New Interactive Visualization Methods.    Cristiana Neto, Diana Ferreira, José Machado and António Abelha.


Application of Data Mining for the Prediction of Prophylactic Measures in Patients at Risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis. Manuela Cruz, Marisa Esteves, Hugo Peixoto, António Abelha and José Machado.


Predicting Low Birth Weight Babies through Data Mining.    Patrícia Loreto, Hugo Peixoto, António Abelha and José Machado.


The challenges of European Public Health Surveillance Systems - An overview of the HIV-AIDS surveillance. Alexandra Oliveira, Luís Paulo Reis and Rita Gaio.

Session Chair: Egils GintersGender Differences In Attitudes Towards Prevention and Intervention Messages For Digital AddictionJohn McAlaney; Emily Arden-Close; Raian AliDesigning A Dual-Layer 3d User Interface For A 3d Desktop In Virtual RealityHind Kharoub; Mohammed Lataifeh; Naveed AhmedLeadership and Technology: Concepts and QuestionsAna Machado; Catarina BrandãoRational, Emotional, and Attentional Choice Models For Recommender SystemsAmeed Almomani; Cristina Monreal; Jorge Sieira; Juan Graña; Eduardo SánchezThe Use of Virtual Cues In Patients With Acquired Brain Injury. A Meaningful Evidence.Sergio Albiol-Pérez; Alvaro-Felipe Bacca-Maya; Erika-Jissel Gutierrez-Beltran; Sonsoles Valdivia Salas; Ricardo Jariod-Gaudes; Sandra Cano; Nancy Jacho-GuanoluisaProblematic Attachment To Social Media: Lived Experience and EmotionsMajid Altuwairiqi ; Theodoros Kostoulas ; Georgina Powell; Raian AliUsability Study of A Kinect-Based Rehabilitation Tool For The Upper LimbsGabriel Fuertes Muñoz; Jesus Gallardo Casero; Ramón Alberto Mollineda Cárdenas Session Chair: Alicia García HolgadoImprovement of The Applicability of The General Data Protection Regulation In Health ClinicsIsabel Lopes; Teresa Guarda; Pedro OliveiraFake News and Social Networks: How Users Interact With Fake ContentManuel Au-Yong-Oliveira; Carlota Pereira; Hugo Pintor; João Caires; Julia ZanoniErp Conceptual EcologyFernando Bento; Carlos J. Costa; Manuela AparicioThe Use of Linkedin For Ict RecruitmentGuilherme Pinho; João Arantes; Tiago Marques; Frederico Branco; Manuel Au-Yong-OliveiraThe Role of Technologies: Creating A New Labour MarketAna Isabel Vieira; Eva Oliveira; Francisca Silva; Marco Oliveira; Ramiro Gonçalves; Manuel Au-Yong-OliveiraHybrid Machine Translation Oriented To Cross-Language Information Retrieval: English-Spanish Error AnalysisJuncal Gutiérrez-Artacho; María-Dolores Olvera-Lobo; Irene Rivera-TriguerosMulti-Split Hdfs Technique For Improving Data Confidentiality In Big Data ReplicationMostafa Kaseb; Mohamed Khafagy; Ihab Ali; Elsayed Saad

Applying Safety Methods to Sensor Networks. Torge Hinrichs and Bettina Buth.

Visualising air pollution datasets with real-time game engines. Uli Meyer, Jonathan Becker and Jessica Broscheit.

Virtual Reality in Education: Teaching a Foreign Language. Bruno Peixoto, Darque Pinto, Aliane Krassmann, Miguel Melo, Luciana Cabral and Maximino Bessa.

Virtual Reality in Education: Learning a Foreign Language. Darque Pinto, Bruno Peixoto, Aliane Krassmann, Miguel Melo, Luciana Cabral and Maximino Bessa.

Evaluation Model for Big Data Integration Tools    Ângela Alpoim, Tiago Guimarães, Filipe Portela and Manuel Filipe Santos.

Adaptive Business Intelligence in healthcare - A platform for optimizing surgeries. José Ferreira, Filipe Portela, José Machado and Manuel Filipe Santos.

Session Chair: Rui Silva MoreiraEvaluation of Open Source Software For Testing Performance of Web ApplicationsFernando Maila; Monserrate Intriago-Pazmino; Julio Ibarra-FialloA Two-Phase Algorithm For Recognizing Human Activities In The Context of Industry 4.0 and Human-Driven ProcessesBorja Bordel; Ramón Alcarria; Diego Sánchez-de-RiveraApp Nutrition LabelSami Habib; Paulvanna Nayaki MarimuthuShortest Path Finding Mobile Application Based On Dijkstra’s Algorithm, To Encourage The Inclusion and Improvement of Mobility of People With Motor Disabilities Within Urban AreasLuis Arellano; Daniel Del Castillo; Graciela Guerrero; Freddy TapiaKitchen Robots: The Importance and Impact of Technology On People'S Quality of LifeEma Fonseca; Inês Oliveira; Joana Lobo; Tânia Mota; José Martins; Manuel Au-Yong-OliveiraAbsenteeism Prediction In Call Center Using Machine Learning AlgorithmsEvandro Oliveira; José Torres; Rui Moreira; Rafael Lima Session Chair: Sergei SmirnovAn Approach To Assess Quality of Life Through Biometric Monitoring In Cancer PatientsEliana Silva; Joyce Aguiar; Alexandra Oliveira; Brígida Mónica Faria; Jorge Sá; Luis Paulo Reis; Joaquim Gonçalves; Victor CarvalhoSmartwalk Mobile - A Context-Aware M-Health App For Promoting Physical Activity Among The ElderlyDavid Bastos; José Ribeiro; António PereiraInformation System For Monitoring and Assessing Stress Among Medical StudentsSilva Eliana; Joyce Aguiar; Joaquim GonçalvesDesign and Construction of A Semi-Quantitative Estimator For Red Blood Cells In Blood As Support The Health SectorYadira Quiñonez; Said Almeraya; Selin Almeraya; Jorge Reyna; Jezreel MejíaComputational System For Heart Rate Variability AnalysisLarissa Marães; Milton Romero; Bruna Sousa; Vera MarãesConvolutional Neural Network-Based Regression For Quantification of Brain Characteristics Using MriJoão Fernandes; Victor Alves; Nadieh Khalili; Manon Benders; Ivana Išgum; Josien Pluim; Pim MoeskopsAmbient Assisted Living – A Bibliometric AnalysisJoão Viana; André Ramalho; José Valente; Alberto Freitas
Thursday, 18 April 2019
Session Chair: João CarneiroComparison of Evolutionary Algorithms For Coordination of Cooperative Bioinspired MultirobotsAratã Andrade Saraiva; Franscisco Vinicius Nascimento da Silva; José Vigno Moura Sousa; Nuno Miguel Fonseca Ferreira; Antonio ValenteA Taboo-Search Algorithm For 3d-Binpacking Problem In ContainersAndrés León-Málaga; Rony Cueva; Manuel TupiaReal Time Fuzzy Based Traffic Flow Estimation & AnalysisMuhammad Abbas; Fozia Mehboob; Shoab A. Khan; Abdul Rauf; Richard JiangFeatures Weight Estimation Using Genetic Algorithm For Customer Churn Prediction In Telecom SectorAdnan Amin; Babar Shah; Ali Abbas; Sajid Anwar; Fernando MoreiraStudy On The Variation of The A Fund of The Pension System In Chile Applying Artificial Neural NetworksAlexander Borger; Pedro VegaA Multi-Agent System Framework For Dialogue Games In The Group Decision-Making ContextJoão Carneiro; Patrícia Alves; Goreti Marreiros; Paulo NovaisDistance Learning Personalized Recommendation System Based On Deep Reinforcement LearningMaroi Agrebi; Mondher Sendi; Mourad Abed Session Chair: José Luís ReisDeep Learning In State-of-The-Art Image Classification Exceeding 99% Accuracy.Emilia Zawadzka-Gosk; Krzysztof Wołk; Wojciech CzarnowskiPatterns of Ambiguity In Textual Requirements SpecificationDavid šenkýř; Petr KrohaTowards Forest Fire Prevention and Combat Through Citizen ScienceJoao Bioco; Paulo FazendeiroDesigning Iot Infrastructure For Neuromarketing ResearchTatjana Vasiljević; Zorica Bogdanović; Branka Rodić; Tamara Naumović; Aleksandra LabusStudy of The Number Recognition Algorithms Efficiency After A Reduction of The Characteristic Space Using Typical TestorsKuntur Muenala; Julio Ibarra-Fiallo; Monserrate Intriago-PazmiñoAn Approach For Migrating Legacy Applications To Mobile InterfacesViviana Elizabeth Cajas Cajas; Mario Matías Urbieta; Yves Rybarczyk; Gustavo Rossi; César Guevara Session Chair: Willy van Grembergen

Tutorial on COBIT 2019, by Willy Van Grembergen.

Willy Van Grembergen is a Belgian organizational theorist and Professor of Information Systems Management at the University of Antwerp, and Academic Director of the IT Alignment and Governance Research Institute, known for his work on IT governance.


Social Network Computing

An Empirical Study to Predict the Quality of Wikipedia Articles. Imran Khan, Shahid Hussain, Hina Gul Afridi and M. Shahid Zeb. -----------------------------
Investigating the impact of Podcast learning in health via Social Network analysis. Fouzia Afridi, Fazia Raza and Fahad Aziz Khan. -----------------------------
A Methodology to Characterize and Compute Public Perception via Social Networks. Mansoor Ahmed.

Session Chair: Adedapo Oluwaseyi OjoRole of Green Hrm Practices On Employees’ Engagement In Pro-Environmental It PracticesAdedapo Ojo; Murali RamanInnovation Trends For Smart FactoriesMaria José Sousa; Rui Cruz; álvaro Rocha; Miguel SousaModelling Reporting Delays In A Multilevel Structured Surveillance System - Application To Portuguese Hiv-Aids DataAlexandra Oliveira; Humberta Amorim; Rita Gaio; Luis Paulo ReisConceptual Approach For An Extension To A Mushroom Farm Distributed Process Control System: Iot and BlockchainFrederico Branco; Fernando Moreira; José Martins; Manuel Au-Yong-Oliveira ; Ramiro GonçalvesStudy of A Successful Erp Implementation Using An Extended Information Systems Success Model In Cameroon UniversitiesChris Emmanuel Tchatchouang Wanko; Jean Robert Kala Kamdjoug; Samuel Fosso WambaUse of The Lean Methodology To Reduce Truck Repair Time: A Case StudyAlexander Borger; Javiera Alfaro; Priscila LeónProposal To Avoid Issues In The Devops Implementation: A Systematic Literature ReviewMirna Muñoz; Mario Negrete; Jezreel Mejía Session Chair: Zorica BogdanovicA Smart Cache Strategy For Tag-Based Browsing of Digital CollectionsJoaquin Gayoso-Cabada; Mercedes Gómez-Albarran; Jose-Luis Sierra-RodriguezCybersecurity Threats Analysis For AirportsGeorge Suciu; Andrei Scheianu; Ioana Petre; Loredana Chiva; Cristina Sabina BosocAutomatic Forest Fire Detection Based On A Machine Learning and Image Analysis PipelineJoão Alves; Christophe Soares; José Torres; Pedro Sobral; Rui MoreiraPredict The Personality of Facebook Profiles Using Automatic Learning Techniques and Bfi Test.Graciela Guerrero; Elvis Sarchi; Freddy TapiaA Nosql Solution For Bioinformatics Data Provenance StorageIngrid Santana; Waldeyr Silva; Maristela HolandaTowards A Personalised Recommender Platform For SportswomenJuan M. Santos-Gago; Luis M. álvarez-Sabucedo; Roberto González-Maciel; Víctor M. Alonso-Rorís; José L. García-Soidan; Carmina Wanden-Berghe; Javier Sanz-ValeroA Taxonomy of Software Maintainability MetricsSara Elmidaoui; Laila Cheikhi; Ali Idri Session Chair: Gonçalo Paiva DiasVr Macintosh Museum: Case Study of A Webvr ApplicationAntoni Oliver; Javier Del Molino; Maria Cañellas; Albert Clar; Antoni BibiloniAnalyzing and Evaluating The Amount of Power Consumption Used By Current Power-Saving-Applications On Android SmartphonesAbdullah Almasri; Luis GouveiaA Fuzzy Inference System As A Tool To Measure Levels of InteractionRicardo Rosales; Nora Osuna-Millan; Margarita Ramirez-Ramirez; Manuel Castañon-Puga; Roberto MuñozBio-Inspired Petal-Shape Uwb Antenna For Indoor ApplicationsPaulo Fernandes da Silva Júnior; Ewaldo Elder Carvalho Santana; Raimundo Carlos da Silvério Freire; Paulo Henrique da Fonseca Silva; Almir Souza E Silva NetoKeystroke and Pointing Time Estimation For Touchscreen-Based Mobile Devices: Case Study Children With AutismAngeles Quezada; Sergio Octavio Vazquez; Margarita Ramirez-Ramirez; Samantha Jimenez; Roberto MuñozIdentifying Most Probable Negotiation Scenario In Bilateral Contracts With Reinforcement LearningFrancisco Silva; Tiago Pinto; Isabel Praça; Zita Vale
Session Chair: Maria José Angélico GonçalvesIncremental Hotel Recommendation With Inter-Guest Trust and Similarity Post-FilteringFátima Leal; Benedita Malheiro; Juan Carlos BurguilloTraffic Flow Forecasting On Data-Scarce Environments Using Arima and Lstm NetworksBruno Fernandes; Fábio Silva; Hector Alaiz-Moretón; Paulo Novais; Cesar Analide; José NevesProviding Alternative Measures For Addressing Adverse Drug-Drug InteractionsAntónio Silva; Tiago Oliveira; Ken Satoh; Paulo NovaisA Systematic Literature Review In BlockchainJoão Ferreira; Maria Angélico; Amélia SilvaA Review On Relations Extraction In Police ReportsGonçalo Carnaz; Paulo Quaresma; Vitor Nogueira; Mario Antunes; Nuno FerreiraMapping Clinical Practice Guidelines To Swrl RulesSamia Sbissi; Mariem Mahfoudh; Said Gattou fiOntology Driven Feedforward Risk ManagementUlysse Rosselet; Mathias Rossi; Mélanie Thomet; Cédric Gaspoz Session Chair: Hélder GomesEu General Data Protection Regulation Implementation: An Institutional Theory ViewIsabel Lopes; Teresa Guarda; Pedro OliveiraImproving Automatic Bpmn Layouting By Experimentally Evaluating User PreferencesTobias Scholz; Daniel LübkeLocalizing Inconsistencies Into Software Process Models At A Conceptual LevelNoureddine KerzaziDesign of A Situation-Awareness Solution To Support Infrastructure InspectionsCarme Vidal Quintáns; Gabriel PestanaA Study Over Nosql PerformancePedro Martins; Maryam Abbasi; Filipe SáOntology Supporting Model-Based Systems Engineering Based On A Gopprr ApproachHongwei Wang; Guoxin Wang; Jinzhi Lu; Changfeng MaWeb Application For Management of Scientific ConferencesJoao Bioco; Alvaro Rocha
Session Chair: Maria José SousaData Quality MiningAlexandra Oliveira; Pilar Baylina; Carlos Rebelo; Rita Gaio; Luís ReisToward A Knowledge Sharing-Aimed Virtual EnterpriseNastaran Hajiheydari; Mojtaba Talafidaryani; Seyedhossein KhabiriTowards The Digital Transformation: Are Portuguese Organizations In This Way?Carla Santos Pereira; Fernando Moreira; Natércia Durão; Maria João FerreiraWhat Will The Future Bring? The Impact of Automation On Skills and (un)employmentManuel Au-Yong-Oliveira; Ana Carina Almeida; Ana Rita Arromba; Cátia Fernandes; Inês CardosoSocial Media, Evolutionary Psychology, and Isis: A Literature Review and Future Research DirectionsSylvie Borau; Samuel Fosso Wamba Nonlinear Identification of A Robotic Arm Using Machine Learning TechniquesDarielson Souza; Laurinda Reis; Arthur Braga; Antonio Junior Session Chair: Juan d'AmatoWeb-Based Executive DashboardNelson SalgadoPlayer Engagement Enhancement With Video GamesSimão Reis; Luis Paulo Reis; Nuno LauDeep Learning and Sub-Word-Unit Approach In Written Art Generation.Krzysztof Wołk; Emilia Zawadzka-Gosk; Wojciech CzarnowskiNovel Robust Digital Watermarking In Mid-Rank Co-Efficient Based On Dwt and Rt TransformZahoor Jan; Inayat Ullah; Faryal Tahir; Naveed IslamMultiple Moving Vehicle Speed Estimation Using Blob AnalysisMuhammad Khan; Muhammad Nawaz; Awais Adnan
Friday, 19 April 2019


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