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WorldCist'18 - 6th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Let the Learning Management System Grow on You – the Effect of Experience on Satisfaction

In this research the effect of users' experience with an Information System, i.e. the time past since the introduction of a new Information System to the users, on their satisfaction from it is examined. Students' satisfaction from Learning Management System (LMS) in two higher education institutes was examined via a short questionnaire. The questionnaire was distributed at three points of time – after several years of use of an LMS, after one year of use of a new LMS, and after three years of use of the new LMS. Results show that satisfaction with the two LMSs was similar after a few years of experience, but lower with shorter experience period, with no statistical differences between the two institutes, and higher satisfaction for women. These results suggest that long term use may be a determinant of user satisfaction. Some implications and limitations of the study are presented in the concluding section.

Gali Naveh
Shamoon College of Engineering

Amit Shelef
Sapir Academic College


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