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WorldCist'18 - 6th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Big data meets the food supply: A network of cattle monitoring systems

The beef cattle industry generates $78.2 billion of revenues from nearly 100 million head each year. Cattle feed efficiency is a measure of animal growth. Animals with better efficiency may grow at the same rate as animals with lower efficiency, but will use less energy in feed to do so. This paper introduces a network of sensors in a cattle production operation designed to measure and report feed efficiency to the farmer. The sensors provide data that is used to monitor and control feed rations to the animals and help the farmer make informed decisions regarding animal grouping, control and genetic line building to help improve beef stock quality over time. While cattle feed control and monitoring is itself not a new concept, the system described here adds some automated components to enhance and better control the operation that have not yet been done.

Michael Chilton
Kansas State University
United States


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