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WorldCist'18 - 6th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Higher Education Analytics: New Trends in Program Assessments

End of course evaluations technologies can provide critical analytics that can be used to improve the academic outcomes of almost any university. This paper presents key findings from a study conducted on more than twenty different academic degree-programs, regarding their use of end of course evaluation technology. Data was collected from an online survey instrument, in-depth interviews with academic administrators, and two case studies, one in the US and another in the UAE. The study reveals new trends including sectioning and categorization; questions standardization and benchmarking; alignment with key performance indicators and key learning outcomes; and grouping by course, program outcome, program, college, etc. in addition to those vertical structures, higher education institutions are vertically examining a specific question(s) across.

Adam Marks
Zayed University
United Arab Emirates

Maytha AL-Ali
Zayed University


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