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WorldCist'18 - 6th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Prototyping use as a software requirements elicitation technique: A case study

Prototyping is an agile software development methodology. It has also been proposed as a technique to obtain the software requirements from the stakeholders. However, there are few publications that propose a prescriptive guide and show its use in practice. This article presents a report of a case in which the prototype technique was used to elicit requirements of a software system in the university academic context. For this, authors propose a procedure to apply and they carry out elicitation sessions with two stakeholders who have different familiarity with the domain. The results show that the technique is effective in achieving a high coverage of the requirements and that it seems to perform better with stakeholders who have more familiarity with the domain. Although the results do not have statistical power, the case yields trends that can help development teams adopt this technique to produce the requirements in certain cases.

Dante Carrizo
University of Atacama

ivan quintanilla
Unievrsity of Atacama


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