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WorldCist'18 - 6th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Developing a framework for measuring the quality of humanitarian information products: insights from the 2015 Nepal earthquake

Information plays a key role in humanitarian assistance. It has become a product that is shared for multiple purposes such as situational awareness, decision-making, coordination, reporting, and attracting funding. However, information products in sudden onset disasters are prone to quality issues. In this paper, we develop an empirically grounded framework that can measure the quality of information products through accuracy, objectivity, completeness, and consistency. We define and validate metrics for these criteria and apply our framework on the information products of UN WFP that were published online during the Nepal response. Our analysis shows that the quality of our studied information products could be improved with respect to consistency, accuracy, and objectivity while more focus must be paid to consistency. We discuss the implications of our study and propose future research directions.

Hossein Baharmand
University of Agder


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