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WorldCist'18 - 6th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Implementation of Paperless Office in The Classroom

Paper is always needed by students during learning process. One student generally use paper covers the needs of Students' books, activities pre-test and post-test, reports, portfolios and the need to do homework. One student could use up to one hundreds of sheets of paper per semester. But, after all these usage of paper as reports paper, we actually has spent $792 only for printing all of the tasks per semester in one class without reuse the paper which ends up in the trash. Based of these issues, this study is purpose to create a concept of Paperless office as an effort to replace a document in paper form in a traditional learning process with documents in electronic formats such as doc, pdf, etc. proven to reduce of wasting paper and costs. Actually, this paper is not to modify the basic model of Paperless Office concept, but Paperless Office concept to making as a function of mediator between the traditional learning process to the digital learning process implementation in the classroom. The authors used a systematic literature review approach, starts with literature review, problems identification, selection process, assess, synthesize and write down the ideas proposed, and then make conclusions. Finally, the output of this research is a new model (schematic and technical) of the process and transfer learning process from traditionally to digitally on the class.

Richardus Eko Indrajit, Saide, Rizqi Wahyuningsih, Herzavina, Lisa Tinaria



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