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WorldCist'18 - 6th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Evaluation Metrics of the Development of Municipal e-Governments

The determination of the index of development of the e-services of the local governments allows to obtain results that give account of the evolution in the use and development of the governmental policies. To do this, web portals are used as the observable means to measure progress and setbacks in a comparative manner between e-governments. In the present work an analysis of the metrics is done to evaluate the presence of the e-services oriented towards the municipal governments through the literature review. It has been determined that there is no uniform or complete set of evaluation metrics for web portals, since there are different methodologies that each model or author proposes to determine the level of development of local e-government. Therefore, it is necessary to propose the unification of models in an integrated model at least when they refer to the same level of e-government.

Vicente Morales
Universidad Tecnica de Ambato

Sussy Bayona
Universidad Nacional Mayor San Marcos


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