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WorldCist'18 - 6th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Information Technology Determinants of Organizational Performance in the Context of a Cameroonian Electricity Company

Increased organizational dependence on information technology (IT) drives management attention towards improving information system quality. Given that IT quality is a multidimensional measure, it is important to determine which of its aspects are critical to organization’s performance so that chief information officers (CIOs) may make more informed choices when selecting technologies for their organizations. This research investigates the relationship between system quality (SQ) and organizational performance, system quality and system use, user satisfaction system use and organizational performance, and finally, user satisfaction and organizational performance. A total of 140 responses were collected through a questionnaire-based survey with an electrical company, and the data were analyzed using the structural equation modelling partial least square (SEM-PLS) method. Our results show that system quality influences user satisfaction significantly, which in turn influences organizational performance. Thus, this paper highlights the importance of user satisfaction in organizational performance.

Francis Dany BALIE DJONG
Université catholique d'Afrique Centrale - GRIAGES

Université catholique d'Afrique Centrale - GRIAGES

Toulouse Business School, Département Management de l’Information


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