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WorldCist'18 - 6th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

Full Program

Tuesday, 27 March 2018
Session Chair: Sandra Costanzo, Local General Chair, University of Calabria

Álvaro Rocha, General Chair, University of Coimbra

Luis Paulo Reis, Workshops Chair, University of Minho

Jan Servaes, Keynote Speaker, Editor-in-Chief of Telematics and Informatics, Elsevier: "Publishing in international academic journals"

Session Chair: Paulo NovaisA Vulnerability Study Of Mhealth Chronic Disease Management (cdm) Applications (apps)Tolulope Mabo; Bobby Swar; Shaun AghiliData Mining Techniques In Diabetes Self-management: A Systematic MapTouria ElIdrissi; Ali IdriA Unified System For Clinical Guideline Management And ExecutionAntónio Silva; Tiago Oliveira; Filipe Gonçalves; José Neves; Ken Satoh; Paulo NovaisComputer Aided Wound Area Detection System For Dermatological ImagesSümeyya İlkin; Fidan Kaya Gülağız; Fatma Selin Hangişi; Suhap ŞahinIaq Evaluation Using An Iot Co2 Monitoring System For Enhanced Living EnvironmentsGonçalo Marques; Rui PitarmaRelationship Between Upper Arm Muscle Index And Upper Arm Dimensions In Blood Pressure Measurement In Symmetrical Upper Arms: Statistical Application And Data MiningLetícia Helena Januário; Alexandre Carlos Brandão Ramos; Paôla de Oliviera SouzaTowards A Conceptual Framework For The Evaluation Of Telemedicine SatisfactionRobert Garcia; Olayele AdelakunData Preprocessing For Decision Making In Medical Informatics: Potential And AnalysisAli Idri; Houda Benhar; Jose Luis Aleman; Ilham KadiAssessing The Target’ Size And Drag Distance In Mobile Applications For Users With AutismAngeles Quezada; Reyes Juárez-Ramírez; Samantha Jiménez; Alan Ramírez- Noriega; Sergio Inzunza; Roberto Munoz Session Chair: João MoreiraAccuracy And Performance Analysis Of Time Coherent 3d Animation Reconstruction From Rgb-d VideoNaveed AhmedImprovement Of Implemented Infrastructure For Streaming Outlier Detection In Big Data With Elk StackZirije Hasani; Jakup Fondaj3d Virtual System Based On The Leap Motion Device, As A Support For Fine Motor Rehabilitation Therapy In Children, Preliminary Usability TestsIvón Escobar; Andrés Acurio; Edwin Pruna; Luis Mena; Marco Pilatásig; José Bucheli; Franklin Silva; Ricardo RobalinoAffective Evaluation Of Educational Lexicon In Spanish For Learning SystemsSamantha Jiménez; Reyes Juárez-Ramírez; Víctor H. Castillo ; Alan Ramírez-Noriega; Sergio InzunzaThe Impact Of Perceived Control, Enjoyment, Cost, Sustainability And Trust On Intention To Use Smart Meters: An Empirical Study Using Sem-pls.Ahmed ShuhaiberHow Different Versions Of Layout And Complexity Of Web Forms Affect Users After They Start It? A Pilot ExperienceJuan Cruz-Benito; José Carlos Sánchez-Prieto; Andrea Vázquez-Ingelmo; Roberto Therón; Francisco J. García-Peñalvo; Martin Martín-GonzálezGeneration Of Test Samples For Construction Of Dashboard Design Guidelines: Impact Of Color On Layout BalanceOlena Pastushenko; Jiří Hynek; Tomáš HruškaPossible Risks In Social Networks: Awareness Of Future Law-enforcement OfficersEdita Butrime; Vaiva Zuzeviciute Session Chair: Jinzhi LuArchetype Development Process: A Case Study Of Support Interoperability Among Electronic Health Record In The State Of Minas Gerais, BrazilThais Abreu Maia; Cristiana Fernandes De Muylder; Zilma Silveira Nogueira ReisIot Semantic Modeling Using The Gwe (generalized World Entities) ParadigmGian Piero ZarriDeterminants Of Cybersecurity Use And Behavioral Intention: Case Of The Cameroonian Public AdministrationDoriane Micaela Andeme Bikoro ; Samuel Fosso Wamba; Jean Robert Kala Kamdjoug Model To Share Knowledge In A Co-creation Process To High Ability StudentsJuan Pablo Meneses-Ortegón; Teodor Jové; Ramon Fabregat; Mery Yolima Uribe-RiosEvaluation Of Information Systems Curriculum In Portugal And RussiaJoão Paulo PereiraAn Evaluation Of Data Model For Nosql Document-based DatabasesDEBORA GOMES DOS REIS; FABIO GASPARONI; MARISTELA TERTO HOLANDA; Marcio de Carvalho Victorino; MARCELO LADEIRAImplementation Of Paperless Office In The ClassroomRichardus Eko Indrajit, Saide, Rizqi Wahyuningsih, Herzavina, Lisa Tinaria A Conceptual Research Model Proposal Of Digital Marketing Adoption And Impact On Low Density Tourism RegionsFilipa Jorge; Mário Sérgio Teixeira; Ricardo Correia; Ramiro Gonçalves; José Martins; Maximino BessaA Conceptual Model Proposal For Characterizing Discount And Outlet Platforms AdoptionCarlos Peixoto; José Martins; Ramiro Gonçalves; Frederico Branco; Manuel Au-Yong-Oliveira
Session Chair: José Luís PereiraUsing Pinterest To Improve The Big Data User Experience - A Comparative Analysis In HealthcareNancy Shipley; Joyram ChakrabortyManage Software Requirements Specification Using Web Analytics DataJorge Esparteiro Garcia; Ana C. R. PaivaSetting Up A Mechanism For Predicting Automobile Customer Defection At Saham Insurance (cameroon)Rhode Ghislaine Nguewo Ngassam; Jean Robert Kala Kamdjoug; Samuel Fosso WambaQuality Analysis Of Urban Transit System In St. PetersburgNatalia Grafeeva; Innokenty Tretyakov; Elena MikhailovaThe Planning Process Integration Influence On The Efficiency Of Material Flow In Production CompaniesMichal Adamczak; Piotr CyplikDensity Based Clustering For Satisfiability SolvingCelia HIRECHE; Habiba DRIASSystem Evaluation Of Construction Methods For Multi-class Problems Using Binary ClassirersShigeichi Hirasawa; Gendo Kumoi; Manabu Kobayashi; Masayuki goto; Hiroshige InazumiExploring Data Analytics Of Data VarietyTiago Cruz; Jorge Oliveira e Sá; José Luís Pereira Session Chair: Filipe Fortela/Hossein Baharmand

Ivelin Andreev. 
Advanced Open IoT Platform  for Prevention and Early Detection of Forest Fires
Paulo Gonçalves, Filipe Portela, Manuel Filipe Santos, António Abelha, José Machado and Fernando Rua Martins. 
Step Towards a Pervasive Data System for Intensive Care Medicine
Teresa Guarda. 
Pervasive Smart Destinations
Marcelo León and Teresa Guarda. 
Analysis of the water quality of the Monjas river: Monitoring and control system
Thanasis Loukopoulos, Maria Koziri, Kostas Kolomvatsos and Panagiotis Oikonomou. 
On Green Scheduling for Desktop Grids 
Tiago Vilela, Filipe Portela and Manuel Filipe Santos. 
Towards a Pervasive Intelligent System on Football Scouting - A Data Mining Study Case 

Session Chair: Egils GintersLearning Ecosystem Metamodel Quality AssuranceAlicia García-Holgado; Francisco J. García-PeñalvoAn Empirical Evolution Of Frameworks Supporting Co-simulation Tool-chain Development For Cyber-physical SystemJinzhi Lu; Didem Gürdür; Dejiu Chen; Jian Wang; Martin TörngrenModeling An Information Visualization Engine For Situational-awareness In Health InsuranceFlávio Epifânio; Gabriel PestanaIncreasing Authorship Identification Through Emotional AnalysisRicardo Martins; José Almeida; Pedro Henriques; Paulo NovaisTrust And Reputation Modelling For Tourism Recommendations Supported By CrowdsourcingFátima Leal; Benedita Malheiro; Juan Carlos BurguilloStatistical Approach To Noisy-parallel And Comparable Corpora Filtering For The Extraction Of Bi-lingual Equivalent Data At Sentence-levelKrzysztof WołkAn Information System To Reduce The Cost Of Implanting High-speed Electronic Communications NetworkGabriel Pestana; Ana Isaias; Manuel Barros
Session Chair: José Machado/Luis Paulo Reis

Helena R. Gonçalves, Ana Rodrigues, Graca Minas, Luís P. Reis and Cristina Manuela Peixoto Santos. 
Real-time Tool for Human Gait Detection from Lower Trunk Acceleration
Cláudia Ribeiro-Machado, Sara Costa Silva, Sara Aguiar and Brígida Mónica Faria. 
Protein attributes-based predictive tool in a Down syndrome mouse model: a machine learning approach
Rosana Cavalcante de Oliveira, João Leal Mendes Moreira and Carlos Abreu Gomes Ferreira. 
Agribusiness Intelligence: Grape production forecast using Data mining techniques


Carlos Correia, Filipe Portela, Manuel Filipe Santos and Álvaro Silva. 
Data Science analysis of HealthCare Complaints
Marisa Esteves, Filipe Miranda, José Machado and António Abelha. 
Mobile Collaborative Augmented Reality and Business Intelligence: A System to Support Elderly People’s Self-care
Daniela Oliveira, Ana Coimbra, Filipe Miranda, Nuno Abreu, Pedro Leuschner, José Machado and António Abelha. 
Step Towards OpenEHR in a Portuguese Healthcare facility
Hugo Torres, Filipe Portela and Manuel Filipe Santos. 
An overview of Big Data architectures in healthcare

Analysis Of Brazilian Public Health - A Parallel Between Experimentation In Software Engineering, Health Of The Old-aged And Government Health CostsLeonardo Pontes; Elydiana Soares; Adriano Albuquerque
Session Chair: Zorica BogdanovicWho Are Your Design Heroes? Exploring User Roles In A Co-creation Communitymanuel moritz; tobias redlich; jens wulfsbergA Novel Curvature Feature Embedded Level Set Method For Image Segmentation Of Coronary AngiogramsMehboob Khokhar; Shahnawaz Talpur; Sunder Ali Khowaja; Rizwan Ali ShahScramble The Password Before You Type ItJikai Li; Logan Stecker; Ethan Zeigler; Thomas Holland; Daan LiangAn Online Focus Group Approach To E-government Acceptance And UseSoraia Nunes; José Martins; Frederico Branco; Mijail Naranjo ZolotovSolvency Ii - A Bpm ApplicationJoão Silva; Tiago Gonçalves; Nuno SilvaImproving Project Management Practice Through The Development Of A Business Case: A Local Administration Case StudyFernando Martins; Pedro Ribeiro; Francisco Duarte Session Chair: Sandra CostanzoAn Information System To Remotely Monitor Oncological Palliative Care PatientsArsénio Reis; Eliza Bento da Guia; Arsénio Reis; Tânia Rocha; João Barroso; André SilvaUsing Emotion Recognition In Intelligent Interface Design For Elderly CareSalik Khanal; Arsénio Reis; Vitor Filipe; João BarrosoEnhancing The Assessment Of (polish) Translation In Promis Using Statistical, Semantic, And Neural Network MetricsKrzysztof Wolk; Wojciech Glinkowski; Agnieszka Żukowska; Agnieszka WołkSoftware-based Brand Ambassador Selection - A Celebrity-branding Assessment Framework In ActionSelina Görgner; Philipp BruneAn Efficient Real-time Monitoring To Manage Home-based Oxygen Therapyvincenza carchiolo; lucio compagno; michele malgeri; maria laura previti; mark philip loria; marco toja
Wednesday, 28 March 2018
Session Chair: Evandro Costa/Grace Guan

Congying Guan, Shengfeng Qin, Wessie Ling and Yang Long. 
Enhancing apparel data based on fashion theory for developing a novel apparel style recommendation system
Rajdeep H Banerjee, Anoop Kolar Rajagopal, Vikram Garg and Sumit Borar. 
System for Deduplication of Machine Generated Designs from Fashion Catalog
Vacit Oguz Yazici, Joost Van De Weijer and Arnau Ramisa. 
Color Naming for Multi-Color Fashion Items
Evandro Costa, Emanuele Silva, Hemilis Rocha, Artur Maia and Thales Vieira.
Study on Machine Learning Algorithms to Automatically Identifying Body Type for Clothing Model Recommendation


Mobile Sharing Platform Operation Model And System Dynamic Analysis: Uber And Taiwan Taxi Fleet As ExamplesTing-Kai Hwang; Bi-Huang Jin; Shin-Jui Lee; Yung-Ming Li
Session Chair: Rui JoséIntegrated Inventory Management System For Outdoors Stocks Based On Small Uav And BeaconKwan Hee Han; Sung Moon Bae; Hwayong LeeUsing Online Artificial Vision Services To Assist The Blind - An Assessment Of Microsoft Cognitive Services And Google Cloud VisionArsénio Reis; Dennis Paulino; Vitor Filipe; João BarrosoCyclostationary Spectrum Sensing Based On Fam In Cognitive Radio TechnologyOualid Khatbi; Ahmed Mouhsen; Zakaria Hachkar Geomultihoming: A New Connectivity Term Between Wifi Networks And Mobile Networks.Victor Bauz; Jorge Latacunga; Graciela GuerreroIndoor Location Using Bluetooth Low Energy BeaconsPedro Sobral; Ana Gomes; André Pinto; Christophe Soares; José Torres; Rui MoreiraUse Case Scenarios Of Dynamically Integrated Devices For Improving Human Experience In Collective ComputingRustam Kamberov; Carlos Granell; Vitor Santos Session Chair: Alicia García HolgadoCava: An Example Of The Automatic Generation Of Virtual Learning SpacesRicardo G. Martini; Cristiana Araújo; Pedro Rangel Henriques; Maria João Varanda PereiraPredictive Maintenance In The Metallurgical Industry: Data Analysis And Feature SelectionMarta Fernandes; Alda Canito; Verónica Bolón; Luís Conceição; Isabel Praça; Goreti MarreirosEvaluation Of The Maturity Level Of The It Services In Higher Education Institutions: Portugal And RussiaJoão Paulo PereiraA Bpmn Extension For The Annotation Of Haccp Plans In Hospital ProtocolsMateo Ramos Merino; Luis M. Álvarez Sabucedo; Juan M. Santos Gago; Víctor M. Alonso RorísUsing Probabilistic Topic Models To Study Orientation Of Sustainable Supply Chain ResearchCarlos Montenegro Armas; Edison Loza-Aguirre; Marco Segura MoralesCrudi Framework Application – Bank Company Case StudyJorge Pereira; Frederico Branco; Manuel Au-Yong-Oliveira; Ramiro Gonçalves
Session Chair: Gian Piero ZarriA Comparison Of Small Area Estimation & Kriging In Estimating Rainfall In Sri LankaKalum Udagepola; Mithila PereraBig Data Analytics In Iot: Challenges, Open Research Issues And ToolsFabián Nicolalde; Fernando Silva; Boris Herrera; Antonio PereiraDoes The Interactivity And Participation Of The Audience In The Iberoamerican Cyber-media Advance?Abel Suing; Kruzkaya Ordóñez; Lilia CarpioKnowledge Sharing In Industrialization Project Management PracticesAna Almeida; Anabela Tereso; João Faria; Teresa RuãoA Semantic Matchmaking Framework For Volunteering MarketplacesJohannes Schönböck; Josef Altmann; Elisabeth Kapsammer; Birgit Pröll; Werner Retschitzegger; Wieland SchwingerFeasibility And Development Analysis Of P2p Online Lending Platforms In TaiwanBih-Huang Jin; Tsai-Wei Liu; Yung-Ming LiAnalysis Of The Interoperability Attributes To The Suppliers Selection On The Supply Chain Segmentation StrategyLaion Pereira; Eduardo Santos; Eduardo LouresImmersive Edition Of Multisensory 360 VideosHugo Coelho; Miguel Melo; José Martins; Luís Barbosa; Mário Sérgio Teixeira; Maximino Bessa Session Chair: Waldeyr SilvaPolynomiography Via The Hybrids Of Gradient Descent And Newton Methods With Mann And Ishikawa IterationsWieslaw Kotarski; Agnieszka LisowskaPersonalised Dynamic Viewer Profiling For Streamed DataBruno Veloso; Benedita Malheiro; Juan Carlos Burguillo; Jeremy FossExtending Aes With Dh Key-exchange To Enhance Voip Encryption In Mobile NetworksRaid Zaghal; Saeed Salah; Noor JabaliAn Architecture For A Viable Information SystemAnton Selin; Vitor SantosFamap: A Framework For Developing M-health AppsIván García-Magariño; Manuel Gonzalez Bedia; Guillermo Palacios-NavarroWeaving The Non-pharmacological Ad Therapy Into Mobile Personalized Digital Memory Book ApplicationANIS HASLIZA ABU HASHIM; MARINA ISMAIL; AZLINAH MOHAMED; PONNUSAMY SUBRAMANIAMImplementing Resource-aware Multicast Forwarding In Software Defined NetworksJustas Poderys; Anjusha Sunny; Jose SolerGraphed: A Graph Description Diagram For Graph DatabasesGustavo van Erven; Waldeyr Silva; Maristela Holanda Session Chair: Anabela Mesquita

Carles Campanyà, David Fonseca, Nuria Martí, Enric Peña and Alvaro Ferrer. 
Identification of significant variables for the parameterization of structures learning in architecture students
Tomas Javorcik. 
Analysis of Different Approaches of Elementary School Students to Working with Personal Learning Environment
Josep Llorca, Héctor Zapata, Ernesto Redondo, Jesús Alba and David Fonseca. 
BIpolar laddering assessments applied to urban acoustics education

Samuel Fosso Wamba. 
Social Media Use in the Workspace: Applying an Extension of the Technology Acceptance Model Across Multiple Countries 
Ana Veloso and Rita Silva. 
Leadership, Autonomy and Innovation on a High-Tech organization

When You Write How People Want There Is No Guarantee Of SuccessCleyton Souza; Franck Aragão; José Feitosa; Patrick Faustino; Evandro Costa; Joseana Fechine
Session Chair: Marius Vochin/Agnieszka Lisowska

Laurentiu Boicescu, Marius Vochin, Alexandru Vulpe and George Suciu. 
Intelligent low-power displaying and alerting infrastructure for smart buildings
Alexandru Caranica, Horia Cucu, Lucian Georgescu and Alexandru Vulpe. 
Multilingual low-resourced prototype system for voice controlled intelligent building applications
Alexandru Caranica, Alexandru Vulpe and Octavian Fratu. 
Tenable Smart Building Security Flow Architecture using Open Source Tools
Ioana Marcu and Ionut Pirnog. 
SCL-based analysis for 4G-compliant system in indoor/pedestrian environments
George Suciu, Andrei Scheianu, Cristina Mihaela Bălăceanu, Ioana Petre, Mihaela Dragu and Marius Vochin. 
Sensors Fusion Approach using UAVs and Body Sensors
George Suciu, Andrei Scheianu, Alexandru Vulpe and Ioana Petre. 
Cyber-attacks – The Impact over Airports Security and Prevention Modalities
Sorin Zoican, Marius Vochin, Roxana Zoican and Dan Galatchi. 
Face Detection in Internet of Things using Blackfin Microcomputers Family

Session Chair: Luboš SmrčkaA Model For Knowledge Management And Information Systems At The Faculty Of Education In Kuwait UniversitySultan AldaihaniAn Approach For Knowledge Extraction From Source Code (knesc) Of Typed Programming LanguagesAzanzi Jiomekong; Gaoussou CamaraDeveloping A Framework For Measuring The Quality Of Humanitarian Information Products: Insights From The 2015 Nepal EarthquakeHossein BaharmandDifferences Between Urgent And Non-urgent Patients In The Paediatric Emergency Department. A 240,000 Visits’ AnalysisJoão Viana; Almeida Santos; Alberto FreitasImproving Productive Processes Using A Process Mining ApproachRicardo Ribeiro; César Analide; Orlando BeloCase Study On Modeling The Silver And Nasdaq Financial Time Series With Simulated AnnealingFilippo NeriRedundant Independent Files (rif): A Technique For Reducing Storage And Resources In Big Data ReplicationMostafa Kaseb; Mohamed Khafagy; Ihab Ali; ElSayed SaadLegal And Economic Aspects Of Virtual OrganizationsLuboš Smrčka; Dagmar Čámská Session Chair: Gali NavehProposal Of A Knowledge Management Model And Virtual Educational Environment In The Degree Of Law-businessMaría Teresa García-Álvarez; Gustavo Pineiro-Villaverde; Laura Varela-CandamioDesigning Documentary Videos In Online CoursesLaura Varela-Candamio; Fernando Rubiera Morollón; María Teresa García-ÁlvarezAre University Professors Of The South American Countries Preparing Students For Digital Transformation?Fernando Moreira; Maria João Ferreira; Carla Santos Pereira; Natércia DurãoLearning State Estimation Method By Browsing History And Brain Waves During Programming Language LearningKatsuyuki Umezawa; Tomohiko Saito; Takashi Ishida; Makoto Nakazawa; Shigeichi HirasawaDesigning Collaborative Strategies Supporting Literacy Skills In Children With Auditory Impairments Using Serious GamesSandra Cano; César Collazos; Leandro Aristizabal; Fernando Moreira; Victor Peñeñory; Vanessa AgredoThe Use Of Technology In Portuguese Higher Education: Building Bridges Between Teachers And StudentsAnabela Mesquita; Paula Peres; Fernando MoreiraVirtual Reality In The Learning ProcessSussy Bayona; Byron ChavezDefining A Collaborative Platform To Report Machine State In Industry 4.0Diogo Martinho; João Carneiro; Asif Mohammed; Ana Vieira; Isabel Praça; Goreti MarreirosEvaluating Dss’ Effect On User Learning: An Exploratory StudyKhaoula BOUKHAYMA; Abdellah Elmanouar
Session Chair: Aneta Poniszewska-MarańdaApi Documentation: A Conceptual Evaluation ModelSergio Inzunza; Reyes Juárez-Ramírez; Samantha Jiménez; Angeles QuezadaTowards The Measuring Criteria Of It Project Success In University ContextRafał Włodarski; Aneta Poniszewska-MarandaLet The Learning Management System Grow On You – The Effect Of Experience On SatisfactionGali Naveh; Amit ShelefGamify-sn : A Meta-model For Planning And Implanting Gamification Concepts Within Social Networks - A Case StudyArmando Toda; Ricardo do Carmo; Alan da Silva; Seiji IsotaniOpportunities And Challenges For Efficient And Effective Stem Teachers' Competence DevelopmentNikolina Nikolova; Eliza Stefanova; Pencho Mihnev; Krassen StefanovOnline Social Networks Analysis Visualization Using SociiDaniel Caldas; Alda Lopes Gancarski; Pedro Rangel Henriques Let’s Reinvent Note TakingMarco Ronchetti; Tiziano Lattisi; Andrea ZorziCoco: Semantic-enriched Collection Of Online Courses At Scale With Experimental Use CasesDanilo Dessì; Gianni Fenu; Mirko Marras; Diego Reforgiato Recupero Session Chair: Luis Paulo Reis/Philipp Brune

Paweł Buń, Filip Górski and Beata Starzyńska. 
Virtual reality system for learning and selection of quality management tools
Krzysztof Kalinowski and Barbara Balon. 
Production scheduling with quantitative and qualitative selection of human resources
V.K. Manupati, M.D. Akthar, Maria L.R. Varela, G.D. Putnik and Jose Machado. 
A text mining based supervised learning algorithm for Classification of manufacturing suppliers
Klos Slawomir and Patalas-Maliszewska Justyna. 
An Approach to Buffer Allocation, in Parallel-Serial Manufacturing Systems, Using the Simulation Method
Krzysztof Żywicki, Paulina Rewers and Adam Hamrol.
Computer aided data acquisition and analysis for value stream mapping

Mobile Applications For Active AgingJoão Carlos Silva; José Luís Silva; Cláudia FerreiraTime Difference Of Arrival Enhancement With Ray Tracing SimulationEduardo F. S. Corerea; Marcelo N. de Sousa; Reiner ThomäInformation Sharing As A Coordination Tool In Supply Chain Using Multi-agent System And Neural NetworksHalima BOUSQAOUI; Ilham SLIMANI; Said ACHCHAB
Session Chair: Sandra CostanzoE-mail Client Multiplatform For The Transfer Of Information Using The Smtp Java Protocol Without Access To A BrowserLiliana Enciso; Ruben Baez; Pablo Alejandro Quezada Sarmiento; Alvaro MaldonadoUncovering Aspects Of Places For Fitness Activities Through Social MediaJohnny TorresGeneration Of Land-clutter Maps For Cognitive Radar TechnologyGaspare Galati; Gabriele PavanComplex Permittivity Effect On The Performances Of Non-invasive Microwave Blood Glucose Sensing: Enhanced Model And Preliminary ResultsSandra Costanzo; Vincenzo Cioffi; Antonio RaffoComparative Analysis Between Different Facial Authentication Tools For Assessing Their Integration In M-health Mobile ApplicationsFRANCISCO D. GUILLÉN-GÁMEZ; IVÁN GARCÍA-MAGARIÑO; GUILLERMO PALACIOS-NAVARROUncertainty In Context-aware Systems: A Case Study For Intelligent EnvironmentsLeandro Oliveira Freitas; Pedro Henriques; Paulo NovaisQuadrature Receiver Benefits In Cw Doppler Radar Sensors For Vibrations DetectionAntonio Raffo; Sandra Costanzo; Vincenzo CioffiHuman-computer Interaction Communicability Evaluation Method Applied To BioinformaticsGabriella Esteves; Waldeyr Silva; Maria Emília Walter; Marcelo Brígido; Fernanda LimaMulti-band Fractal Microwave AbsorbersFrancesca Venneri; Sandra Costanzo; Giuseppe Di Massa; Antonio RaffoFrom Kdd To Kubd: The Big Data Characteristics Against The Kdd Process StepsNaima LOUNES; Rachid CHALAL; Walid-Khaled HIDOUCI; Houria OUDGHIRI
Thursday, 29 March 2018
Session Chair: Luis Paulo Reis/José Luís Pereira

Wim van Grembergen

Tutorial (1 hour): Achieving Business/IT Alignment through the COBIT 5 framework

Abstract: COBIT is a good-practice framework for implementing enterprise governance of IT. In this tutorial, the directions and core principles of the framework will be presented. Connections of these directions and principles to relevant management concepts and literature will be explained and discussed. Special focus will be on how the business/IT alignment concept can be achieved through the COBIT 5 framework. Research questions for future research around enterprise governance of IT and COBIT 5 will be proposed and discussed.


Veronika Widmann, Benny De Waal and Pascal Ravesteyn. 
How do BPM Maturity and Innovation Relate in Large Companies?

Session Chair: Kalai Anand RatnamProposal Of A Bi/ssbi System For Knowledge Management Of Network Infrastructure Traffic – A University Of Tr�s-os-montes E Alto Douro Case StudyJosé Bessa; Frederico Branco; António Rio Costa; Ramiro Gonçalves; Fernando MoreiraUsing Social Network Analysis To Identify User Preferences For Cultural EventsStevan Milovanović; Zorica Bogdanović; Aleksandra Labus; Dušan Barać; Marijana Despotović-ZrakićDesign And Ex Ante Evaluation Of An Architecture For Self-adaptive Model-based DssMarcel-Philippe BreuerGeneric Polca: An Assessment Of The Pool Sequencing Decision For Job ReleaseSilvio Carmo-Silva; Nuno O. FernandesValidity Issues Of Digital Trace Date For Platform As A Service: A Network Science PerspectiveMehmet Aydin; Dzordana Kariniasukaite; Nazim Ziya PerdahciThe Role Of Big Data In University Strategy And Performance Eco System: A Case StudyAli AlSoufiApplication Of High Performance Computing Techniques To The Semantic Data TransformationJosé Antonio Bernabé-Díaz; María del Carmen Legaz-García; Jesualdo Tomás Fernández-Breis; José M. García Session Chair: Sami HabibAdaptive Dual Color Visible Light Communication (vlc) SystemAntonio Costanzo; Valeria Loscri'; Sandra CostanzoHow Insufficient Send Socket Buffer Affects Mptcp Performance Over Paths With Different DelayToshihiko Kato; Adhikari Diwakar; Ryo Yamamoto; Satoshi OhzahataI Am In Here: Implicit Assumptions About Proximate Selection Of Nearby PlacesAna Ines Xavier; Rui JoseModeling And Defining The Pervasive Games And Its Components From A Perspective Of The Player ExperiencesJeferson Arango-López; Francisco Luis Gutiérrez Vela; Cesar Collazos; Fernando MoreiraTrusting Sensors Measurements In A Wsn: An Approach Based On True And Group Deviation EstimationNoureddine Boudriga; Paulvannanayaki Marimuthu; Sami HabibFast Diagnostics Of Conformal ArraysGiuseppe Di Massa; Sandra CostanzoUbiquitous Systems As A Learning Context To Promote Innovation Skills In Ict StudentsRui José; Helena Rodrigues
Session Chair: Fernando del Ama GonzaloAssessing Review Reports Of Scientific Articles A Literature ReviewAmanda Sizo; Adriano Lino; Álvaro RochaA Comparison Of Feature Selection Methods To Optimize Predictive Models Based On Decision Forest Algorithms For Academic Data AnalysisAntonio Jesús Fernández García; Luis Iribarne; Antonio Corral; Javier CriadoTechnologies Sustainability ModelingEgils Ginters; Dace AizstrautaField Measurements Of Electrical Consumption In A Multi-purpose Educational BuildingFERNANDO DEL AMA GONZALO; JOSE A. FERRANDIZ; David Fonseca EscuderoBlood Cell Classification Using The Hough Transform And Convolutional Neural NetworksMiguel A. Molina-Cabello; Ezequiel López-Rubio; Rafael M. Luque-Baena; María Jesús Rodríguez-Espinosa; Karl Thurnhofer-HemsiImproving Regression Models Using Simulated Annealing For Stock Market SpeculationHana Jamali; Omar Bencharef; Abdellah Nabaji; Khalid El housniAugmenting Smt With Semantically-generated Virtual-parallel Corpora From Monolingual TextsKrzysztof WolkBuilding Sustainable Nrens In Africa - A Technological And E-education PerspectiveMarangaze Munhepe Mulhanga; Solange Rito Lima Session Chair: Frederico BrancoPmbok As A Reference Model For Academic Research ManagementLUZ SUSSY BAYONA; JOSE BUSTAMANTE; NEMIAS SABOYADevelopment Of A Grooming Process For An Agile Software Team In The Automotive DomainFrancisca Ribeiro; André Ferreira; Anabela Tereso; Deborah PerrottaDevelopment Of An Interface For Managing And Monitoring Projects In An Automotive CompanyAndreia Reis; Anabela Tereso; Cláudio Santos; Jorge CoelhoBusiness Process Reengineering Using Enterprise Social NetworkAmjed Al-Thuhli; Mohammed Al-Badawi Information Technology Determinants Of Organizational Performance In The Context Of A Cameroonian Electricity CompanyFrancis Dany BALIE DJONG ; Jean Robert KALA KAMDJOUG; Samuel FOSSO WAMBASentiment Analysis Of Social Network Data For Cold-start Relief In Recommender SystemsFelipe G. Contratres; Solange N. Alves-Souza; Lucia V. L. FilgueirasSupply Chain Challenges With Complex Adaptive System PerspectiveAbla Chaouni Benabdellah; Imane Bouhaddou; Asmaa BenghabritUnderstanding The Adoption Of Business Analytics And IntelligenceFrederico Cruz-Jesus; Tiago Oliveira; Mijail Naranjo Session Chair: Alexandru VulpeRecognizing Dynamic Fields In Network Traffic With A Manually Assisted SolutionJarko Papalitsas; Jani Tammi; Sampsa Rauti; Ville LeppänenInterpersonal Relationships, Lidership And Other Soft Skills In Software Development Projects: A Systematic ReviewRAFAEL ELIZALDE; SUSSY BAYONADesign Of An Hmi In Web Server Of Plc's S7-1200/1500 For The Control Of A Multivariable Process Of A Didactic ModuleWilson Sánchez Ocaña; Verónica Almache Barahona; Elizabeth Salazar Jácome; Washington Freire Llerena; Marcelo Silva MonterosDigital Signature Solution For Document Management Systems - The University Of Tr�s-os-montes And Alto DouroCláudio Pereira; Luís Barbosa; José Martins; Jorge BorgesAccuracy Comparison Of Empirical Studies On Software Product Maintainability Prediction TechniquesSara ELMIDAOUI; Laila CHEIKHI; Ali IDRIMeasurement Based E-government Portals’ Benchmarking Framework: Architectural And Procedural ViewsLaila CHEIKHI; Abdoullah Fath-Allah; Ali IDRI; Rafa E. Al-QutaishExploring Factors Affecting Mobile Services Adoption By Young Consumers In CameroonFrank Wilson NTSAFACK; Jean Robert KALA KAMDJOUG; Samuel FOSSO WAMBAEvaluating Mobile Software Usability: A Systematic Mapping StudyAli Idri; Karima Moumane
Session Chair: Iván García-MagariñoHigher Education Analytics: New Trends In Program AssessmentsAdam Marks; Maytha AL-AliAdapting A Multi-som Clustering Algorithm To Large Banking DataImen Khanchouch; Mohamed LimamThe Informational Plataform Of The S�o Paulo State Innovation Ecosystem: A Semantic Computing Model In Support Of InnovationElvis Fusco; Marcos Luiz MucheroniSpecialized Case Tools For The Development Of Expert SystemsRustam Burnashev; Albert Gubajdullin; Arslan EnikeevSearch In Collections Of Mathematical ArticlesEugeny Birialtsev; Alexander Gusenkov; Olga Zhibrik; Polina Gusenkova; Yana PalachevaAdapthas: Adaptive Theme And Activity Selection For A Co Creation Process For High Ability StudentsMery Yolima Uribe-Rios; Teodor Jové; Ramon Fabregat; Juan Pablo Meneses-OrtegonRole Of Data Properties On Sentiment Analysis Of Texts Via ConvolutionsErion Çano; Maurizio MorisioExtending Pythonqa With Knowledge From StackoverflowRenato Preigschadt de Azevedo; Pedro Rangel Henriques; Maria João Varanda PereiraA Candidate Generation Algorithm For Named Entities Disambiguation Using DbpediaWissem Bouarroudj; Zizette BoufaidaBrain Waves Processing, Analysis And Acquisition To Diagnose Stress Level In The Work Environment.Christian Ubilluz; Ramiro Delgado; Diego Marcillo; Tatiana Noboa Session Chair: Edita ButrimėDidactic System For Process Control Learning: Case Study Flow ControlEdwin Pruna; Mauricio Rosero; Rai Pogo; Ivón Escobar; Julio AcostaUser-generated Content: Perceived Affordances In Students' Usage Of The Web For Tertiary Learning PurposesCorinna RaithComputer-assisted Reading And Spelling Intervention With Graphogame Fluent PortugueseLénia Carvalhais; Ulla Richardson; São Luís CastroAnalysis Of Heat Transfer Between A Coolant Fluid And A Plastic Blowing Matrix Using The Ansys Cfd Tool.Wilson Sánchez Ocaña; Bryan Robayo; Pablo Rodríguez ; Monserrate Pazmiño Intriago; Elizabeth Salazar JácomeAgile Analytics: Applying In The Development Of Data Warehouse For Business Intelligence System In Higher EducationReynaldo Joshua Salaki; Kalai Anand RatnamFostering Students-driven Learning Of Computer Programming With An Ensemble Of E-learning ToolsRicardo Queirós; José Paulo Leal Session Chair: Raid Al-ZaghalOn The Fly Model-checking Of Tpn: $tpn-tctl^{\delta}_{h}$Naima JBELI; Zohra SBAI; Rahma BEN AYEDPrototyping Use As A Software Requirements Elicitation Technique: A Case StudyDante Carrizo; ivan quintanillaA Survey On The Impact Of Risk Factors And Mitigation Strategies In Global Software DevelopmentSaad Chadli; Ali IdriSingle Sign-on Demystified: Security Considerations For Developers And UsersLokesh Ramamoorthi; Dilip SarkarIterative Optimization-based Simulation: A Decision Support Tool For Job ReleaseNuno O. Fernandes; Mohammad Dehghanimohammadabadi; Silvio Carmo-SilvaThe Application Of Change Indicators 
in Mining Software RepositoriesNico Hillah; Thibault EstierMixing Textual Data Selection Methods For Improved In-domain Data AdaptationKrzysztof Wolk
Session Chair: Marius VochinMiscoding Alerts Within Hospital Datasets: An Unsupervised Machine Learning ApproachJulio Souza; João Vasco Santos; Fernando Lopes; João Viana; Alberto FreitasWhere To Go In Brooklyn: Nyc Mobility Patterns From Taxi RidesJUAN CARLOS GARCIA PLUA; ALLAN AVENDAÑO; CARMEN VACAA Dive Into The Specific Electric Energy Consumption In SteelworksClaudio Mocci; Alessandro Maddaloni; Marco Vannucci; Silvia Cateni; Valentina CollaAn Incident Handling Guide For Small Organizations In The Hospitality SectorOluwadamilola Ogunyebi; Bobby Swar; Shaun AghiliFacial Emotion Detection In Massive Open Online CoursesMohamed Soltani; Hafed Zarzour; Mohamed Chaouki BabaheniniHuman Post-editing In Hybrid Machine Translation Systems: Automatic And Manual Analysis And EvaluationJuncal Gutiérrez-Artacho; María-Dolores Olvera-Lobo; Irene Rivera-TriguerosImproving Employee Recruitment Through Data MiningVisar Shehu; Adrian BesimiTowards To A System For Predict A Insufficient Wake Sate In Professional DriversJoaquim Gonçalves; Abdulay Abreu; Sandro Carvalho; Nuno Oliveira Session Chair: Adedapo OjoIntegrated Framework For The Civil Construction Projects Management By Mean Pmbok, Iso 21500 And Itil V3Eduardo Isacás-O; Monserrate Intriago-Pazmiño; Hernan Ordoñez-Calero; Elizabeth Salazar-Jácome; Wilson Sánchez-Ocaña Capabilities And Work Practices - A Case Study Of The Practical Use And UtilityAnders W. Tell; Martin HenkelCognitive Determinants Of It Professional Belief And Attitude Towards Green ItAdedapo Oluwaseyi Ojo; Murali Raman; Rameswaran VijayakumarSatisfaction With E-participation: A Model From The Citizen’s Perspective, Expectations, And Affective Ties To The PlaceMijail Naranjo Zolotov; Tiago Oliveira; Frederico Cruz-Jesus; José MartinsCoalition-orbac: An Agent-based Access Control Model For Dynamic CoalitionsIman BEN ABDELKRIM; Amine BAINA; Mostafa BELLAFKIH; Christophe FELTUS; Jocelyn AUBERT; Djamel KHADRAOUIThe Importance Of The Dimensions Of A Smart City – A Survey In Small CitiesIsabel Maria Lopes; Pedro OliveiraThe Rise Of The Unicorn: Shedding Light On The Creation Of Technological Enterprises With Exponential ValuationsManuel Au-Yong-Oliveira; João Pedro Costa; Ramiro Gonçalves; Frederico BrancoImproving Work Allocation Practices In Business Processes Supported By BpmsRobbie Uahi; José Luís Mota Pereira; João Varajão Session Chair: José Luís ReisHuequitas: Web Application For Location Of Low Cost RestaurantsLiliana Enciso; Enrique Cueva Jimenez; David Nodine Wyatt; Elmer ZelayaBig Data Meets The Food Supply: A Network Of Cattle Monitoring SystemsMichael ChiltonSoftware Tool For Evaluation Of Road Pavement Energy Harvesting DevicesFrancisco Duarte; Adelino Ferreira; Paulo FaelDads (doctors And Dyslexic System): A Web Platform To Diagnose And Train Children With Dyslexia Focused On Word DecodingTânia Rocha; Rui Carvalho; André Timóteo; Marco Vale; Arsénio Reis; João BarrosoVirtualization-based Techniques For The Design, Management And Implementation Of Future 5g Systems With Network SlicingBorja Bordel; Diego Sánchez de Rivera; Ramón AlcarriaAn Intra-slice Chaotic-based Security Solution For Privacy Preservation In Future 5g SystemsPilar Mareca; Borja BordelSorting Fused Images For Multi-time Analysis Of The Area Surrounding The Headwaters Of The Meta RiverDiego Soler; Harold De La Cruz; Javier MedinaThe Gamification Systems Application Elements In The Marketing PerspectiveNuno Teotónio; José Luís Reis Suspended Solids In The Gulf Of Urab� Colombia – Annual Average Estimation Using Modis Myd09q1 ImagesIvan Dario Carrillo Duran; Javier Medina
Friday, 30 March 2018


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