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WorldCist'17 - 5th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Time as the important factor of the data retrieval

Nowadays, we are surrounded by the plenty of technical equipment. Information are not produced on daily granularity, but this approach has been moved to seconds or milliseconds. However, these data amount has to be processed, stored and provided in reliable form and required processing time. In principle, any technical equipment generates data that are important and should be stored in fast accessible form. This paper proposes new complex table classification in the time-limited validity environment with emphasis of the effectivity of treatment, recovery and information retrieval. These data significantly influence decision making process. We focus on different types of table definition, their characteristics, and suitability for the use. Then, we introduce our approach, which core part forms column level temporal granularity, which has been defined in recent past. Main part of this paper is to define end compare hybrid system for various data update frequency and rate supported by performance comparison.


Michal Kvet    
Zilinska univerzita v Ziline

Karol Matiasko    
Zilinska univerzita v Ziline


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