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WorldCist'17 - 5th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Proposal for a federation of hybrid clouds infrastructure in Higher Education Institutions

Cloud Computing paradigm can provide Higher Education
Institutions a tool to reduce costs and boost efficiency to current and future resources’ configurations within the institutions. This means more integration and interaction between datacenters, following a growing demand for computational power. To meet these goals, we propose in this article a set of guidelines and a supporting model, developed to address the referred issues.
The work was set to defined a “cookbook” for the best practices in the conception, design and implementation of an academic hybrid cloud federation between Higher Education Institutions. The model relies on integration between several private clouds within Higher Education Institutions, disclosing it as a single cloud with more aggregated features/resources than the individual
clouds, keeping the essence and intrinsic autonomy of each institution,supporting platform heterogeneity, and providing a different level of relationship and integration that each institution wishes to undertake.


Pedro Lopes    

Francisco Pereira    


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