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WorldCist'17 - 5th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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The DELTA + MODEL in Organizational knowledge Management - a perspective in the context of Shared Services

Organizational knowledge becomes a crucial element for any organization, as a resource which must be managed and as a support for development, sustainability and innovation. Organizational Knowledge promotes Human Resources’ pro activity by its acquisition and sharing. The following study presents the selective coding results of the empirical material proposed by Strauss Corbin, which correlates the organizational phenomena of Shared Service Center and e-Learning as Organizational Knowledge Management tools. With the following paper it is intended to demonstrate the existence of correlations between the studied constructs (aggregators), as well as a standardization tendency on the pursued approaches among the different bodies studied. This study follows the investigation carried out for the construction of an Organizational Knowledge Management model in the Shared Services’ context with an e-Learning resource, “Modelo Delta +” (Delta + Model). It was a constructive start for a qualitative and quantitative research, methodologically supported by the Grounded Theory and knowledge creation of Nonaka theory.


Agostinho Sousa Pinto    

Luís Amaral    

Paula Peres    


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