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WorldCist'17 - 5th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Concept of Dynamic Index Management in Temporal Approach

Effective data approach based on storing and managing capabilities and technologies is one of the main performance requirements today. When the amount of data required to be processed, stored and evaluated, is followed, we come to the conclusion that the number is still rising, the growth itself is significant, often enormous. Nowadays, there is no longer enough to keep only current valid data, actual states of the attributes and objects, but we need to define comprehensive solution with emphasis on changes over the time to identify relationships and dependencies. Moreover, such temporal solution is the basis for optimization and decision making. In this paper, we deal with the temporal definition and propose own index principles based on dynamic data localization, which means, that individual index nodes are not available all the time, moreover, after failure, particular node can provide inactual data.


Michal Kvet    
Zilinska univerzita v Ziline

Karol Matiasko    
Zilinska univerzita v Ziline


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