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WorldCist'17 - 5th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Hand Posture Recognition with standard webcam for Natural Interaction

This paper presents an experimental prototype designed for natural human-computer in-
teraction in an environmental intelligence system. Using computer vision resources, it analyzes the
images captured by a webcam to recognize a person's hand movements. One of the most natural forms
of human communication is by the hand, which furthermore, plays a very important role in interaction
with technological devices. There is now a strong trend in interpreting these hand and body movements
in general, with computer vision, which is a very attractive eld of research. In this study, a mechanism
for natural interaction was implemented by analyzing images captured by a webcam based on hand
geometry and posture, to show its movements in our model. A camera is installed in such a manner
that it can discriminate the movements a person makes using Background Subtraction. Then hands
are searched for assisted by segmentation by skin color detection and a series of classi ers. Finally, the
geometric characteristics of the hands are extracted to distinguish de ned control action positions.


C├ęsar Osimani    
University Blas Pascal

Jose A. Piedra-Fernandez    
University of Almeria

Juan Jesus Ojeda-Castelo    
University of Almeria

Luis Iribarne    
University of Almeria


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