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WorldCist'17 - 5th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Developing an Intelligent Decision Support System Approach for Crisis Preparedness

The multiple criteria (MC) technique has proved useful in situations that require the selection of the best alternative from the number of feasible choices in the presence of multiple decision criteria and diverse criterion priorities. The authors have developed a new approach to select the most important factors that affecting the crisis/risk or – in some cases – even directly stimulating them. The proposed system will calculate automatically the weight of each criteria/indicator and hence compare all criteria according to this weight. If the criteria gets more weight than others do, so this will reflexes the importance of this criteria in stimulating or increasing the risk. The new approach in this paper is described and the proof-of-concept is implemented.


Mohamed Saad Eldin Mohamed    
Dubai Police General Headquarters
United Arab Emirates

Abdulla Abdelrahman Binsultan    
Dubai Police General Headquarters
United Arab Emirates


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