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WorldCist'17 - 5th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Stochastic Petri Nets with Changeable Layout

Petri nets (PNs) are a central formalism for distributed sys-
tems. PNs, though, turn out to be inadequate to model changes in real
systems’ layout. To cope with such a major issue, a framework based
on Reisig’s algebraic nets has been recently proposed. It consists of an
algebraic net emulating a P/T system encoded in net’s inscriptions, and
a set of rewriting rules defined at the net level. This approach permits
the reuse of classical techniques and is provided with a sound initial
semantics. In this paper the framework is extended to Stochastic PNs, to
make performance analysis possible. The ability to set up state-dependent
transition rates, that greatly enhance model’s expressiveness, is retained.


Lorenzo Capra    
Università degli Studi di Milano


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