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WorldCist'17 - 5th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Social Quizzes with Scuiz

Scuiz is a platform for social quizzes. Students, not only the teacher, create quiz questions which are then randomly assigned to other students. Questions are organized in feeds similar to feeds found in common social networks. The system allows students to ``challenge'', or dispute a question's premise or answer, and discuss them. A mechanism of incentives ensures that students engage with the system early and substantively. The system keeps statistical information about students' questions, and automatically flags some of them as ``too easy'' or ``too difficult''. The teacher can review these challenges and accept/reject the submitted questions, as well as participate in the discussion and change the status of questions. This paper describes Scuiz, which was implemented by the first author, some issues arising from the use of it in classes, and future research directions concerning its effectiveness.


Massimo Di Pierro    
DePaul University - CDM
United States

Peter Hastings    
DePaul University - CDM
United States


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