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WorldCist'17 - 5th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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A New Generation of Wireless Sensors Networks: Wireless Body Area Networks

A wireless Sensor networks consists basically of a group of nodes that communicate with each other through a wireless transmission and does not need any existing infrastructure. These wireless sensor networks can be used in several applications to monitor many parameters in different area, like agriculture field monitoring, health care monitoring, smart homes etc. The main objective in this communication is how to transfer data in the network with minimum energy consumption and keeping the quality of information send in the network. In this work, we propose a routing protocol for wireless body area network, for that, we use a multi hop topology to transfer data with minimum energy consumption and longer network life time.


Bahae ABIDI    
LRIT Associated Unit with CNRST(URAC 29) Faculty of sciences, Mohammed V University in Rabat

Abdelillah JILBAB    
ENSET, Mohammed V University in Rabat

Mohamed EL HAZITI    
Higher School of Technology, Sale


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