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WorldCist'17 - 5th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Exercise generation on language specification domain

Exercise generation on language specification is a
challenging task, because of the richness of the objects of the domain.

In this article we discuss \mgbeg{} (Meta-grammar-based exercise generator) -- a
toolkit for exercise generation on context-free languages.
\mgbeg{} approach is based on
a meta-grammar formalism and tool, used to define a set of similar exercises.
\mgbeg{} is simple attributed grammar used to describe
the set of valid exercise (and randomly generate one of them).
Each exercise typically contains several attributes
calculated during the generation steps:
(i) one or more formal specification of the language (context free grammar)
(ii) the exercise statement,
(iii) other information such as examples, common mistakes, validation data,
to be used in the construction of exercise statement, resolution, and
validation steps.

Complementary the toolkit provides
(i) a grammar module, with functionality for grammar comparison,
sentence generation and recognition;
(ii) a template engine (to help in text composition steps).


Eliana Grande    
U.Minho, dep. Matemática

Almeida J.João    
U.Minho, dep. Informática

Gueorgui Smirnov    
U.Minho, dep. Matemática


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