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WorldCist'17 - 5th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Feedback Mechanisms for Decision Support Systems

Decision support systems (DSS) are commonly based on logic and mathematics giving many decision makers a hard time to understand and use these tools. Implementing feedback mechanism concepts in DSS is suggested a viable approach to enhance DSS comprehensibility. However, only few papers concerned with combining human computer interaction (HCI) and behavioral aspects of feedback mechanisms with differing feedback terms were found in an advance to this study. To provide more insight into this topic a structured litera-ture review screening 1327 papers was conducted. 34 relevant papers were ana-lyzed in more detail and their contributions categorized according to conceptu-al, semantic, syntactic and lexical layers of user interface design. This paper contributes to this area by suggesting a framework for classifying DSS feedback mechanism characteristics, and identifying three levels of feedback functionali-ty in DSS. Results further indicate probable research gaps on the syntactic and lexical levels.


Josef Frysak    
Vienna University of Economics and Business


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