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WorldCist'17 - 5th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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TriPOD: A Prototypal System for the Recognition of Capacitive Widget on Touchscreen Addressed for Montessori-Like Educational Applications

TriPOD is a hardware / software prototypal in the field of the Tangible User Interfaces. The proposed system is able to recognize physical objects that could be directly placed on the screen of the common tablet / smartphone. The authors propose an algorithm for the recognition of the tangible objects, equipped by three capacitive pins, usable on commercial touchscreens (tablet or smartphone). TriPOD software is an APP that connects the tablet feedbacks with a main controller (i.e. a PC) with a Wi-Fi connection. The prototype is addressed for educational applications and it is designed in order to exploit the central role of the manipulation and the multisensory approach in education, then to be applied with Montessori-like exercises. The TriPOD system recognizes 24 objects, the Dienes’ logic blocks, allowing the usage with tablet’s touchscreen as an active board for the didactic games.


Raffaele Di Fuccio    
University of Naples Federico II

Giovanni Siano

Antonio De Marco


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