WorldCIST'15 - 3rd World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Knowledge Asset Management Pertinent to Information Systems Outsourcing

Organisations have over time realised that leveraging their already-accumulated knowledge assets are the most cost effective way to increase their competitive standing and to harness innovation. In choosing to outsource their information systems (IS), they may unintentionally fragment their knowledge assets by missing critical learning opportunities, with a resulting loss of ensuing business gains. Organisations should manage knowledge exploitation effectively, especially in the context of IS outsourcing arrangements, where the planning, management and operation of all or a part of the IS function, are handed over to an independent third party. This paper analyses and describes knowledge asset management relevant in such an IS outsourcing arrangement. By understanding the requirements to manage knowledge assets, an organisation may optimise the relationships among critical knowledge assets as well as the knowledge sharing mechanisms required to meet knowledge demands in the context of IS outsourcing.


Hanlie Smuts    
South Africa

Paula Kotze    
CSIR Meraka Institute and Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
South Africa

Alta van der Merwe    
Department of Informatics, University of Pretoria
South Africa

Marianne Loock    
University of South Africa
South Africa


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