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Generating a Logical Architecture Services’ Quality Characteristics Aligned with its Business Requirements

Derivation of logical architectures has been largely focused on the elicitation of functional requirements, disregarding the non-functional ones. Due to this, much of the business requirements content is not reflected in the information system architectural solution, so lowering its quality. Although research has recently been approaching this issue, much is left to do, especially regarding the alignment of business requirements with the logical architecture components. Following our proposed metamodel for relating processes, goals and rules (PGR), elicited from business requirements, and the 4SRS-SoaML method for the derivation of a logical architecture in SOA environments, we now aim to extend our work by generating the quality information associated to architectural services from business requirements. By extending our PGR metamodel to include the architectural services and associated quality characteristics, we hope to contribute to the improved alignment and traceability between the use cases problem-set and the logical architecture’s components solution.


Carlos E. Salgado    
Universidade do MInho

Ricardo J. Machado    
Universidade do MInho

Rita S. P. Maciel    
Universidade Federal da Bahia


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