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Multi Criteria Decision Support System: Preference information and Robustness

The robustness analysis is a substantial and debatable issue in the multi-criteria decision support systems. The multi-criteria decision support systems always depend on preference information from decision maker. Although it is evident that elicited preference information has great impact on the end result, research on preference robustness in multi-criteria decision support system rather narrow in contrast to the well-established research robust decision making. This paper is focused on the multi-criteria decision support systems based on the multiple criteria sorting methods. The paper proposes an analyzing approach based on the concept of preference robustness. This approach involved in the multi-criteria decision support system can provide valuable insight to a decision maker on how preferences influence on the choice among alternatives. Moreover, the approach can be combined with other decision aiding methods as additional technique to deriving a consensus when there are multiple preferences.


Maria Kalinina    
Stockholm university


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