WorldCIST'15 - 3rd World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Concurrency Detection on Finish-to-Start Activity Precedence Networks

We explore the finish-to-start precedence relations of project activities used in scheduling problems. From these relations, we devise a method to identify groups of activities that could execute concurrently, i.e. activities in the same group can all execute in parallel.
The method derives a new set of relations to describe the concurrency. Then, it is represented by an undirected graph and the maximal cliques problem identifies the groups.
We provide a running example with a project from our previous studies in resource constrained project cost minimization together with an example application on the concurrency detection method: the evaluation of the resource stress.


Rui Moutinho    
University of Minho

Anabela Tereso    
University of Minho


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