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Storing Archival Emigration documents to create virtual Exhibition Rooms

This paper is concerned with an information system built in the context of a municipal archive aiming at supporting the preservation of physical documents and at facilitating the information extraction and dissemination. Saving individual records, like emigration documentation, is important for end-users and History or Social Sciences Researchers as they can know more about each individual and they can learn about the society. The emergence of the Internet provides to anyone access to the desired information in anywhere and anytime. From this, many information sources like Libraries, Museums and other similar institutions began storing documents digitally. Thus, the information stored in digital format, may be brought forward on Web pages displaying it to the end-users and enabling them to learn and interact with the available information. So, this paper aims to present the SGPE web-based information system in order to assist in the recovery of the emigrant’s documents.


Ricardo Giuliani Martini    
Universidade do Minho

Mónica Guimarães    
Arquivo Municipal de Fafe

Giovani Rubert Librelotto    
Universidade Federal de Santa Maria

Pedro Manuel Rangel Santos Henriques    
Universidade do Minho


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