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Evaluating the Usability of Library Websites Using an Heuristic Analysis Approach on Smart Mobile Phones: Preliminary Findings of a Study in Saudi Universities

Abstract. The internet is expected to lead the next wave in the growth of data consumption and media content in Saudi Arabia in the next decades. This is because of reasons which include the increased growth a young and tech-centric population, the growing popularity of smart devices, and the improved technical capabilities of national telecom operators. Many public and private organizations in Saudi Arabia have advocated the increased use of smart mobile phones to facilitate their access to website services via the internet, and universities are no exception. However, developing usable websites that could be accessed through different technologies and platforms without usability assurance would not result in user satisfaction and high-quality services. This research conducts an evaluation of the usability of libraries’ websites using heuristic analysis on smart mobile phones across the public universities in Saudi Arabia in order to provide a comprehensive national view of users’ interaction and satisfaction. For this preliminary study, only two library websites of two public universities located in the western region in Saudi Arabia were evaluated. The initial results showed usability weaknesses in terms of links and navigation, helping users, data entry forms, visual design and accessibility for visually impaired users. In this regard, the Higher Education Ministry in Saudi Arabia, alongside the universities, need first to define clearly the websites’ current and future objectives, and then develop national standardized web metrics for the universities. A further important step is to work closely with Yesser (the Saudi e-Government Program) to develop national web metrics and to understand the potential development of the smart mobile phone market over the next few years.


Abdulhadi Eidaroos    
Umm Al-Qura University
Saudi Arabia

Abdullah Alkraiji    
King Fahd Security College
Saudi Arabia


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