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VVSHOP - The Vinho Verde Electronic Retailers Directory Revisited

VVSHOP is an Information System based on a unified system of different wine brands with Denomination of Origin from the Vinho Verde Region. VVSHOP System was developed and implemented in accordance with a set of concepts associated with the integration of different electronic retailers, e-tailers, located in different countries, in a directory available through the Internet, with different forms of interface, particularly through the maps provided by Google (Google Maps). The system allows for automatic processing of information associated with management of the wine producers and their brands, linking them to other existing in the back office system, and articulated by a set of applications that facilitate interaction among system components like the producers, the products, the entity that certifies Vinho Verde and their worldwide electronic retailers.


José Luís Reis    
ISMAI, University Institute Maia, CEDTUR/CETRAD

Paulo Martins    


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