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Metric Selection for Testability of Object-Oriented Systems

Software tests are the most important quality assurance measure in
the development of software systems. It is a well-known fact that, the later an
error is discovered, the more costly it is to fix it. It is important to think about
the testability of the software system first. Testability is the extent to which a
software artifact can be tested. This paper investigates the testability of objectoriented
system. In this paper, we selected a set of metrics used in an objectoriented
system and defined them under quality factors based on their
interdependence. We have used Analytic Hierarchy Process method to attain
which metric is mostly used and is best for testability. In AHP the criteria are
considered independently. The criteria involved in this study are the quality
factors. Pairwise comparison matrixes are designed in questionnaires for
determining the importance degree between criteria and metrics.


Priyanksha Khanna    
Siemens Technology and Services Private Limited


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