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Use of Social Network Sites Profile for the Employment Seeking Process

Abstract. This paper investigates the use of social network sites profile to present individuals to potential employer. Prestige is an important issue of social capital theory, social network sites members present their knowledge and skills to other member to have a benefit. The results of the survey of 440 people about their behaviour for the employment seeking process on social network sites are presented. The paper provides the analysis of reasons to present themselves in social network sites and define the risks for organisations to use social network sites profile to evaluate candidates. The purpose of the paper is to evaluate and explain the behaviour of individuals on social network sites for the employment seeking process and to test if the theoretical mechanism of the social capital theory can explain the operation of social network sites.


Tom Sander    
University of Latvia

Phoey Lee Teh    
Sunway University

Biruta Sloka    
University of Latvia


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