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A Structural Prototype for Planning and Controlling a Manufacturing System

Structuring the information and knowledge needed to implement a factory, as well as doing its control and management by computer systems, is the purpose of the meta-model and solutions here presented.
This meta-model includes: an object-oriented model to structure the needed information and knowledge; a model for manufacturing systems; a prototype that integrates the two previously referred models with real time control, in order to plan and to realize the management of a factory.
A first step of this work has been accomplished at the Ephestia Kuehniella Biofactory, controlled by computer in the Laboratory of the Biology Department at the University of Azores.
In this paper we present a meta-model for a factory planning, controlling and managing, with updated conceptual and technological options, preparing the way for a new industrial implementation of the above mentioned Biofactory.


Paulo Enes da Silveira    
UAL - Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa


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