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Leveraging Web Information for E-Learning

Reusing web information to create instructional content is an important opportunity for e-learning. Web information is diverse and rich in content and can serve to a great deal the learning field if it is described and annotated semantically to fit educational purposes. Hypermedia web resources are particularly interesting as they promote the development of interactive and non-linear material for learning. Exploiting web resources to generate learning material for e-learning represents the key idea of the Web of Learning – a learning ecosystem build on the top of the existing web that makes use of existing web resources to fit learning purposes. The paper presents the Web of Learning architecture and a mobile learning system that creates instructional material on-demand. The system discovers and retrieves hypermedia resources based on semantic descriptions and reuse them to create learning objects that constitute the building blocks of learning material delivered to users.


Jawad Berri    
King Saud University
Saudi Arabia


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