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How to Use Activity Theory Contradiction Concept to support Organization Control

Despite the existing organization control model, it isn’t clear how people choose the appropriate measures, norms and the control values and how to relate them with operation of organization. To solve this challenge we propose to use Activity Theory contradictions concept to help to choose and monitor useful measures, norms and viability values.
Activity Theory is a framework that helps describe human work in an organization. It focuses on the premise that to examine human work, one has to reflect on the individual actions and the dynamic aspects of cooperative works between people. We take advantage of overlap between the DEMO and Activity theory concepts to find relevant control elements from activities gathered from organization DEMO model. We will use the proposed solution via a case study of a service (e.g., True-Kare) that allows someone to provide a remote assistance to another person by using a mobile phone.


Antonio Goncalves    

Pedro Sousa    

Marielba Zacarias    


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